Monthly Gazette - Issue 3.04 - April 2016

 Spring is in the air - the birds are migrating, the flowers are flowering, the crochet hooks are whirling, as members prepare their entries for our Quarterly Awards (see below), and, at your place, , well, what is happening?

 When I think of spring, I think of new beginnings and inspirations. This, typically, also brings with it new challenges. These can be seen as obstacles or opportunities - opportunities to learn and to develop new skills, which is exciting! 

 I, for one, would love to hear what is in the works for you: what are you working on? What new skills are you going to try? What challenges are you struggling with at the moment and which ones have you recently overcome?
Post a blog and share your story, we'd love to hear! Remember that when you you share what you learn, we all learn. 


Quarterly Awards

It's that time again!! 

Crochet a Flower

“Springtime is all about flowers and our Awards this season fits right in. Crochet a “flower” creation, whether it’s a granny square, a hat embellishment, a ring, a complete afghan, or some other flowery creation."

More details here.

Interview with a Crocheter

"I’m a crochet and knit designer and blogger, a mother of 8 year old twin girls, and wife to a wonderful man. I love being creative and having a profession that allows me to stay home while being creative is perfect for me." 

Read the entire interview with JessieAtHome




3D Doily

Creator: Charlotte Huffman


More Captivating Crochet.Community Creations

Theme Of The Month: Spring

Spring is in the air and it brings with it an abundance of inspiration! 

Show us your "spring" inspired creations, here

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Spring Theme

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Stats: 7,623 crocheters making 12,051 comments on 4,332 creations, 632 blogs and 407 forum topics.

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