August Edition
Fire in the Rain: Spring Inductions

The Fire of Cheerfulness did not die down one bit from Conclave. Spring Inductions was an event full of excitement and energy amidst a weekend of cheerful service. There were many ways to serve during the weekend: service projects, Elangomats, ceremonies, etc. Thunderbirds from around central...

The Man Behind Thunderfest

At every lodge event giant inflatables dominate the vista of Camp Durant and the many fun activities never fail to entertain and amuse. Anyone who is a member of Occoneechee Lodge knows what....

Thunderbirds in Virginia: Nawakwa Lodge Trip

Six brothers from Occoneechee Lodge #104 drove up to Virginia to attend a lodge event hosted by Nawakwa Lodge, which serves the Heart of Virginia Council...

New Brotherhood Award

A shiny new medal that glints in the sunlight, a smooth patch emblazed on your scout uniform, awards come in many forms and have been a part of the program of Occoneechee Lodge since the beginning. Even with so many current awards, a new award is soon to make...

NEXT in a McNutt Shell

Each lodge contingent was split into various crews where they developed the bonds of brotherhood with other participants and learned from the strengths and weaknesses that they had to offer. Our lodge chief, Gray Barnhill, said, “It was great to meet so many different people with so many...

Weaving Together Two Interests

From the flash of bright color schemes on the outfit of a fancy dancer to the flash of a shining patch at a patch trading table, the inclusion of both at the Trade-o-ree and Gentgeen will be sure to entice a patch trader and an AIA enthusiast alike. Both events will be held at Camp Durant the same weekend of August 26-27. If you are interested in developing your...


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