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Brexit - The View From Leave

The split vote in the UK referendum shocked many in a metropolitan echo-chamber - most were intent on Remain. Here we share articles that make a coherent case for Leave.

On Immigration

Britain's Great Divide

The Spectator - Great Divide

"Gladys was not xenophobic or racist. What bothers her isn't immigration, as such, but the government's inabaility to respond to immigration and the resulting shortage of housing and school and hospital places"

James Bartholomew in The Spectator

Clashing Views on the Brexit Vote

The Socialist Worker - Readers Views

"It is absurd to claim that the EU is a progressive force for the rights of migrants. Relatively few, mostly white, mostly Christian people currently can take advantage of the right of free movement, but many of the poorest workers in each Union member state simply can't afford to, even though they have the right on paper."

J. Gannon in The Socialist Worker

On the Economy

British Trade can Flourish Without the Shackles of Brussels

The Financial Times - Vote to Leave

"The EU has only 32 trade agreements in force, mostly with very small countries. It still has no trade agreement in place with Japan, the US, India, China or Australia."

Paul Marshall in The Financial Times

On British Sovereignty

The EU locked in neoliberalism and locked out its people

LSE Blog - Stop TTIP

"In essence, the single market ‘locked in’ a monetarist and neoliberal ‘constitution’ for Europe, binding member-states to pursue business-friendly priorities of fiscal discipline and low inflation – rather than the goal of full employment typically favoured by organised labour."

Lee Jones in London School of Economics Blog

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