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Monthly Gazette - Issue 1.03 - October 2014

From The Editor

Our Crochet Community is growing in leaps and bounds -- thanks to everyone for joining and sharing. We had over 100 crochet creations to inspire us!! How wonderful.

Keep sharing the love  - crochet it, share it, and invite others to join our wonderful community. 

~ Debbie

Crochet.Community Quarterly Awards

Theme – Scarf

Time to WRAP IT UP….with a scarf! Create a scarf, any size and any design, for this Awards event. The scarf may be a long rectangle, a triangle, or joined to form a circle. In the description of your creation tell is about the stitch pattern that you used.

Read more about this wonderful event, here.

The 14/14/14 Challenge

The 14/14/14 Challenge

  • 14 weeks
  • 14 creations
  • 14 different stitch patterns

Create 14 different creations, using 14 different stitch patterns, in the last 14 weeks of 2014. 
Read more here.

Trending In The Gallery This Month

Ballerina Top

Creator: Amie Jane

"a lady I work with asked if I could make her a top. She looked through a few patterns I had stored and fell in love with this one (as did I when I first..."

Comment on the creation here and check out the blog series here

Basket with Peacock Feather Adornment

Creator: Alana

 "I love color in nature and what better example than the beautiful peacock. I have..."

Read more about this creation, and comment, here. 

More Wonderful Crochet.Community Creations

Editor's Picks
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Interview With Crocheter "Amie Jane"

"Hi there! I’m Amie – 20 (almost 21) year old crochet enthusiast – I like to think! Other than reading, crochet is my main hobby. I NEVER get sick of doing it – which is a good thing really, I spend A LOT of my time doing so!" ~ Emma Stone

Read the full interview here. 

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Theme Of The Month

Hats: fashion statements, head warmers, hair protectors, and even some whimsy!

Share your tips and creation images in the comments section here

(Ice Queen Hat, shown here, by LovesomeLoops)

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Stats & More

Stats: We are 840 crocheters making 2,581 comments on 852 creations, 97 blogs and 72 forum topics.

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