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Newsletter n° 3 : Seeing results

It is now the second year of the Council of Europe/European Union Programmatic Cooperation Framework (PCF) for Eastern Partnership countries and projects are showing results and achieving their goals. This third newsletter summarises some of the activities in the last 3-months. More information can be found on the PCF website.

Fighting corruption in Ukraine

Electoral assistance in Armenia

A new project to improve cooperation between electoral stakeholders, promote political participation of women and encourage active participation of young voters in the electoral process was officially launched on 5 February in Yerevan by Council of Europe and European Union.

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Improving ethics in journalism in Georgia

A two-day workshop for Georgian journalists on Ethical Standards of New Media was organised in Tbilisi. There were discussions on decisions and relevant case-law from the European Court of Human Rights and latest decisions and tendencies in the European Self-Regulatory sector.

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Interview with Verena Taylor, Director at the Council of Europe

Verena Taylor, Director of the Office of the Directorate General of Programmes in the Council of Europe, explains what the Programmatic Cooperation Framework is and how it works and how it will improve the lives of citizens in Eastern Partnership countries.

Detailed information on country specific projects

Money in politics

Representatives from the Parliaments, Central Election Commissions and civil society organisations from Eastern Partnership countries took part in a conference with experts from around the world to learn about the effective enforcement and monitoring of political finance in order to identitfy areas of regulation in need of reform.

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Ethical governance

The Mayor of Tbilisi, Davit Narmania, said at the workshop 'Mayors Leaders for Change' “the challenges that local self-governments face today can be tackled through the sharing of experience between regions and the practical application of interesting projects that reflect a change in perspective”.


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Improving efficiency of courts in Azerbaijan and Moldova

How important are satisfaction surveys to improving efficiency of justice? Two-day workshop starts today for Azerbaijan and Moldova pilot courts - CEPEJ says satisifaction surveys can be a cost efficient tool to increase the quality of justice and courts.


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Amendments to the Election Code of Georgia

A delegation from the Venice Commission participated in a series of meetings with Georgian stakeholders, jointly with the OSCE/ODIHR, on 15 February 2016, in the context of the preparation of an opinion on amendments to the Election Code of Georgia requested by the Parliament of Georgia

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