Brapp and Brighton Music Conference are giving you the chance to make a record with some music industry heavyweights.

Brighton Music Conference & Brapp are offering vocalists, rappers and producers the chance to collaborate with some of the most relevant and ground breaking artists from across the spectrum of bass driven, electronic, dance, hip hop and grime music. 

How do I enter? 

All you have to do is download the Brapp app to your iPhone or computer and submit beats by tagging your favourite vocalist or perform on your favourite producer’s beats.

Artists have until April 7 to perform over their beats of choice, or to tag a vocalist on productions which they upload for the chance to collaborate on a track, to be released on the official Brighton Music Conference compilation!

This year’s conference, taking place at Brighton Dome from 14-15th April 2016, focuses heavily on closing the gap between musical genres. 

What are you waiting for? SIGN UP TO BRAPP and get started today!

Brapp is a social platform like Instagram that puts a powerful studio in your pocket. Users can select any beat, record a one minute video on top, mix down the audio with our studio effects, add video filters and share with their followers and the producer whose beat was used gets a notification.

More information on Brapp is available via the Brapp website and Facebook.

The Brighton Music Conference focuses on development, networking and celebrating dance music through a series of panels, presentations showcases. Aimed at music industry delegates, aspiring DJs/producers as well as dance music fans. More info via Facebook.

Here is a link to all the Brapp assets

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