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EaP CSF Newsletter 

05 June 2015

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Riga Highlights: EaP CSF Leading Change

On 19-21 May the members of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) took part in 2nd Eastern Partnership Civil Society Conference and the 1st Eastern Partnership Media Conference held in Riga in the margins of the EaP Summit. Apart from being active participants, moderators, speakers, and contributors to the final recommendations of the Conference, EaP CSF members organised a demonstration in front of the Latvian National Library urging the Riga Summit to adopt a stronger declaration focusing on visa liberalisation for Georgia and Ukraine, EU membership perspective and maintaining sanctions against Russia. Another highlight from the conference was submitting to Commissioner Hahn the symbolic applications for the EU membership by the civil society from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine signed by the conference participants. While in Riga, the Steering Committee had the chance to meet the DG NEAR Director-General Christian Danielsson and discuss the role of the civil society in the ENP review.

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Reaction of the EaP CSF Steering Committee to the Riga Summit Joint Declaration

Civil Society Conference Recommendations to Riga Summit: Focus on Information Propaganda and Visa-free Regime

Eastern Partnership Civil Society Conference Special Resolution on Political Prisoners

Russian TV Messages: West Is Plotting against Russia?

Russian viewers of television news and current affairs are being told that their country has been targeted by the United States in a ‘western plot’ to bring their country to its knees, according to a monitoring report produced by the members of the Media subgroup of the EaP CSF and Memo 98. These relentless messages, aimed at the Russian public, accuse the US of orchestrating a campaign against their country which includes fomenting the war with Ukraine, a research shows. The message downplays the role of the European Union which is often presented as being pushed into sanctions against Russia by the US.

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EaP CSF Regranting Scheme Update

With 42 project proposals of very high quality submitted in response to the call for applications announced by the EaP CSF Secretariat, the selection committee has a very difficult task to select the winning proposals. The Working Group Councils have already submitted their recommendations to the selection committee. Currently, the committee is finalising the list of proposals to be funded. Notifications will be sent to all the applicants in the upcoming week. We would like to thank the EaP CSF members and their project partners for their initiatives and great project ideas, not all of which will unfortunately be supported due to the limited funding.

EaP CSF Annual Assembly Update

We have received more than 430 applications from all the EaP countries, EU member states, Russia and Switzerland for the Annual Assembly of the EaP CSF taking place in Kyiv in November 2015. We are currently reviewing their technical eligibility and next week the applications will be sent for the voting by the National Platforms, Working Group Coordinators and the respective EU Delegations. The final list of selected participants will be available on the EaP CSF website in July. We would like to thank all the applicants for their efforts in filling in the application form and their interest to attend the Annual Assembly!

Belarusian National Platform's Statement on the Eve of the Riga Summit

The Belarusian National Platform of the EaP CSF comprising 69 organizations adopted a statement on the eve of the Riga Eastern Partnership (EaP) Summit expressing the concern about the situation in the EaP region, as well as the current condition and development of the EaP initiative.

The statement highlights the situation in Belarus that is deteriorating due to the authorities’ actions before the November presidential elections. The law that further limits the freedom of speech and allows to discriminate against independent internet media has been enacted. 

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Judicial Harassment of Civil Society Organisations in Transnistria Must Stop

The Steering Committee of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum strongly condemns the initiation of a so-called criminal investigation by the de facto Transnistrian authorities against the human rights organisation Promo-LEX. These and other restrictive measures are aimed at independent civil society organisations working in Transnistria based on the claims that their activities are directed against the de facto authorities of the region.

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​Upcoming EaP CSF events and other EaP events

3-5 June, Kyiv - International Security Experts Conference Kyiv Security Perspectives - Towards a Security Agenda for the Eastern Partnership

5 June, Brussels, Renaissance Hotel -  Working Group 3 meeting

8-9 June, Brussels, Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre - Working Group 1 meeting

15 June, Brussels - 13th EaP Platform 4 meeting

16-17 June, Brussels - Working Group 4 meeting

16-17 June, Riga - EaP Panel on integrated Border Management

18-19 June, Vilnius - Working Group 5 meeting

29 June, Minsk - EaP Informal Ministerial on Environment

1 July, Brussels - EaP Platform 1 - Democracy, Good Governance

9-10 July, Brussels - Working Group 2 meeting

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