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September: #LPPMus and Works in Progress

Thank you for supporting limeSHIFT, so far. This month, we reflect on the Lincoln Park Patchwork Mural and Tahir's ability to balance his personal art practice and his role as limeSHIFT's Art Director - a balance we feel strongly about nuturing to ensure the creation of great art. We are excited to have you along on our journey as we continue to grow and take on projects at the intersection of business, community and art! 

Patchworking Lincoln Park

Our aim was to understand Lincoln Park through the lens of community engagement. We undertook a three-week process to understand different stakeholders, create artistic concepts inspired by the community and make the art. The final product would be a community-inspired art piece on the construction wall engaging the community and enhancing everyday experiences for people who live and work in that neighborhood....


Between Residencies

Tahir recently completed a visual art residency at BRIC and is currently attending MacDowell. Read about how he balances creating art with limeSHIFT and his personal practice.

Balancing Works in Progress

I used to have a full-time art practice – a space where to concentrate on my process and create my own work. While I accomplished a lot, I also had time to deliberately do nothing. When I moved to New York it became too expensive to be an emerging artist and maintain a full-time art practice...


limeSHIFT speaks at City Spotlights Leadership Program

limeSHIFT brought its focus on connecting art to social, community, and organizational cultural values to 62 urban teen leaders at Boston's Schubert Theater this August. limeSHIFT co-Founder Aithan Shapira ignited 62 driven urban teens in the creative arts - creative thinkers, doers, and leaders of the future - for one of the culminating workshops of City Spotlights Leadership Program's 7-week summer employment program. The group unpacked what truly makes them leaders and talked about the entrepreneurial qualities they're already exhibiting by the big challenges they take on through their art. 
Photo credits: Katelyn Burkhart

A Conversation with Sam Durant

In the coming months, “The Meeting House” by artist Sam Durant, will host community gatherings to encourage dialogue, growth, and healing surrounding the issues that “The Meeting House” itself explores.  Reflective of limeSHIFT’s mission, “Using social practice art to shift communities and bring about empathy, healing and collective inspiration,” this project seemed fitting to look at through the lens of our own work.  Read the interview that Jesse Ryan, our communications ninja, conducted with the Los Angeles-based artist.


Refer an organization/business to limeSHIFT!

Thank you for spreading the word on limeSHIFT. We seek to transform spaces into powerful symbols articulating vision and activating communities to be their most creative, productive and connected.

Journalist Nadja Sayej shared our project with the audience of the Art and Design section of the Guardian in the UK.  We are hopeful that this exposure will open up hearts and influence curious minds.  Read the article here

As brightly is Antonia Blumberg's story for the Huffington Post's Religion section titled "Why Kenya’s Houses Of Worship Are Getting A Yellow Makeover.