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Welcome back! 

(We should have like a secret vanlife handshake or something....) 

We are more than 100 people from all over the world, in the Vanlife Buzz bus right now - how awesome is that?! 

Before I get on to this week's introductions; I would love to get to know you a bit more:

Reply to this email and tell me a bit about yourself. What does your van life look like? Where are you? What van do you have/want? What do you do for a living!

I'll share some of the replies in the next issue, so we can get to know each other :)

Here are this week's introductions.

/Jens Lennartsson

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Meet Erik Gordon

I love coffee. And being able to combine the love for coffee with my love for vanlife seems like the dream (and Swedes are serious coffee drinkers so I'm sure it would be quite lucrative)! 

Erik Gordon combined coffee and vanlife by launching Carabiner Coffee - a touring coffee shop, housed in two different vans

Read more about Erik in this interview

Meet The Wrong Way Home

Reclaimed, rustic wood. Plants. Cats. All in an old, refurbished school bus? What could possibly go wrong? 

Courtney and Mowgli the Cat lives are traveling the US in this awesome conversion. Even the dashboard is made out of reclaimed wood! 

Meet The AerGrind

Yes. I am a total nerd. But I shipped this handheld coffee grinder from Germany to Sweden. But damn does it make a difference using whole beans for your morning coffee!

I get out of bed, sit down at the steps of the van and wake up as I grind my 18 grams of light-roasted beans. #hipster

I used a few other hand grinders before, but the AerGrind delivers a much more even grind and it fits into my AeroPress :) 

Meet The Complete Electric Guide!

When I was about to install the solar panels on my van, I gave up quite a few times. Not because there wasn't any information about how. But because it was just too much information - how do you know what is right?

I wish I had this illustrated guide from Vanlife Adventures - everything you need to know about setting up your electronics system in your van.

This and the other illustrated guides are pure gold!

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