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EaP CSF Newsletter 

31 July 2015

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EaP CSF Annual Assembly Update

The selection of the attendees for the Annual Assembly in Kyiv is finalised. The list of selected participants is available on the EaP CSF website.

We thank all the applicants for their efforts in filling in the application form and their interest to attend the Annual Assembly!

List of Participants

EaP Platform 1 Meeting: Stability Is Impossible without Democracy and Good Governance, Reminded EaP CSF Co-Chair

On 1 July the co-coordinators of the EaP CSF Working Group 1 Volodymyr Kuprii and Krzysztof Bobinski attended the meeting of the Eastern Partnership Platform 1 “Democracy, Good Governance and Stability” in Brussels on behalf of the Civil Society Forum.

During the meeting Bobinski who is also the co-chair of the EaP CSF Steering Committee spoke about the recent situation in Armenia and the Eastern Partnership countries in general.

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Presentations delivered at Platform 1 Meeting:

Platform 1 Implementation Report (November 2014- July 2015)

Strategic Communications on EU in Georgia

EaP Police Cooperation Programme in Moldova

Bringing Plurality and Balance to the Russian Language Media Space

Council of Europe/EU Programmatic Co-Operation Framework for Eastern Partnership Countries 2015 -2017

Platform 1 - Core Objectives and Work Programme 2014-2017

Agenda of the Meeting

Heidi Hautala

EU Decision-Makers Discussed Situation in Armenia with National Platform Coordinator

Following the recent developments in Armenia as a reaction to the electricity price hike, Mikayel Hovhannisyan, Coordinator of the Armenian National Platform, met with several decision-makers in Brussels to inform them about the situation on the ground.

During the meeting with the co-chair of the EuroNest Parliamentary Assembly MEP Heidi Hautala the issues related to energy security and anti-corruption measures, as well as the role of the National Platform in monitoring the implementation of reforms were discussed. In the meeting with Dirk Schuebel, EEAS Head of Division for bilateral cooperation with the Eastern Partnership countries, the issues related to EU-Armenia relations and possible future developments in the field, including the new agreement to be signed were covered.

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Georgian National Platform Discussed Visa Liberalisation with Government and Parliament

On 4 July the Georgian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum organized the meeting “Visa Liberalisation – Current Situation and Future Perspectives” in the Parliament of Georgia. The meeting gathered Georgian parliamentarians, representatives of the government and experts from the Georgian National Platform (NP). Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Gigi Gigiadze who is the leading negotiator with the EU in the visa liberalisation process delivered a keynote address.

Lasha Tugushi, Coordinator of the Georgian National Platform and EaP CSF Steering Commitee Member, commented: “Georgian government should work 25 hours a day to ensure that there are no omissions in the implementation of the Visa Liberalisation Action Plan and Georgian citizens can travel to the EU without a visa”.

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EaP CSF Regranting Scheme Update

As a result of the communication on implementing the recommendations of the Selection Panel the Secretariat has signed grant agreements with 14 revised projects. Most of them are already in the implementation phase.

List of Projects

​Working Group 2 Annual Meeting

Working Group 2 annual meeting finished the marathon of WG meetings on 10 July in Brussels. We managed to engage in the dialogue with EU policy makers and representatives from various organisations that actively contributed to the discussions.

Working Group 2 Meeting Report

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