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Akash Patel | November 2020
TKS Innovator

Hey there, and welcome to my newsletter! Nice to meet you/see you again! I'm Akash, a 14 y/o with a passion for medicine and nanotech. I'm currently training at The Knowledge Society, trying to become a polymath to impact multiple people in the world.

Keep reading to see what I've been upto this month, and my goals for next month!

📝 Learn
All Articles

What I've been exploring this month.

A New Age in Regenerative Medicine

How nanomaterials can be used w/ scaffolds to promote cell growth to regenrate tissue/bones faster

FutureLearn - Nanotechnology for Health

An intermediate course on the various ways nanotech is revolutionizing the field of medicine

🗓️ Events

Some of the experiences I've had this month.

World's Biggest Problems

This month I had the opportunity to work with Jaden Smith's nonprofit called 501CTHREE. Me and my team were tasked with creating a recommendation to one of their problems regarding the clean water crisis in the US. Check out our deck explaining the problem, our solution, and the impact!

Talk with Cyrus Irani

This month I was also able to talk with Cyrus Irani, better know as Apple's Head of Human Interface. From this talk, the one thing i took away was "trust that your unique interests combined with your inherent skills will lead you to a better future." Don't worry about "work hard, play hard" as the most successful work is play.

🧠 Mindset
All Videos

This month's mindset is "On the Ball." The whole idea revolves around getting things done as efficiently as possible. Check out the video to learn more, and some of my tips and tricks!

🎒 Inside My Backpack

Any resources, books, or podcasts that I've been using this month.


Open source illustrations for virtually anything. I used them above.


Podcast with Naval Ravikant. About life, happiness, and success.


Create graphic designs for social media, thumbnails, blogs, etc.

Uncertainty is Good

A video on a summary and uses of "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k"

Monthly Thought
My willingness to fail gives me the ability to succeed.
☃️ December's Plan

My goals/focuses for the next month to come. 


Action: Write an article on a simulation, lab test, or something along those lines on nanotech


Action: Create some videos on the new things I've been learning in nanotech


Action: Meet people in the field on nanotech to get expert opinion and thoughts on projects

Well, that's it for this month. I hope you learned something, or got some insight on my journey. Next month will hopefully be even better, and I hope I can achieve all my goals. Talk to you soon guys!


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