Meet the healers of the Two Hearts Horsemanship Program... THE HORSES!

Two Hearts Horsemanship

Horses, Healing, Hope.


In order to create a safe place for healing that facilitates wellness of the body, mind and spirit, it is important to have the right horses. The Two Hearts horses are carefully chosen for the healing work they do will do here so that a warm circle of welcoming permeates our environment.

The horses, of course, are the STARS of the Two Hearts Horsemanship program. Just being in their presence helps people begin to feel better. Each day our four-legged friends eagerly welcome our guests into the corral for a time of learning, healing, insight and growth.

One of the most significant rituals of our program is in allowing our guests to choose which horse they would like to work with on any given day. What makes this process so special is that more often than not, an individual will often unknowingly choose a horse that has exactly the lesson that person needs to learn on that day. They choose the horse that will be their teacher, mentor and guide.

This is the first step toward creating independence for our participants. The horses also have an equal say in the healing, whether it be through grooming, riding, or just cuddling. The willingness of our horses to connect with people sets the tone of acceptance and nurturing, which has a profound impact on those who want to change the direction of their lives. Horses have a way of knowing what we need. When they approach someone with their big kind eyes, head down, and ready for connection, amazing things begin to happen!

Saint Francis of Assisi taught his followers to “Always be preaching….and when you absolutely have to, use words.” Our horse are always preaching love, self-discipline, self-awareness, hard work, personal growth, and honesty. And they do it all without ever saying a word!

Horses are magical animals...

"Horses are magical animals”, says one of our guests. "They seem completely tuned into our emotions, anxieties and struggles. During a very difficult time in my healing journey, I found that just grooming my favorite horse for a few minutes had a profoundly positive effect on my anxiety and helped me forget my fears".

Two Hearts Horsemanship

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