Your Monthly Gazette: Issue 2.06 - June 2016

From the Editor

Have you seen our Collaborations, yet? I just love them - we start with choosing a theme, and then some colours to be encorporated, and then we let the creativity flow, resulting in beautiful, unique pieces that are the same but completely different. Love it! 

Creativity and inspiration are amazing components of an artist's life. As I am typing this, the thought of a dragonfly flashed in my mind and I thought, "what an inspiration that creature is - the shape, the colours, the movement". Inspiration is everywhere, in the sights, sounds, and textures around us, in nature, as the dragonfly, and in our daily lives, such as our morning coffee. 

What is your latest inspiration? We'd love to see your creation and hear the story behind it! 

~ Debbie

Collaborations, Challenges and Themes

Quarterly Awards

Coming Soon!! Our Summer Awards are fast approaching. Keep an eye on the blogs for the announcement! 

Theme of the Month


Father's Day:  "honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society" (source). I love that description. It is so inspiring!!! 

What jewelry have you created specifically for men?

Collaboration Creation

Mod 60's Era

What do you envision when you think of this era? 

The colours chosen, for our "collaboration creation" are: psychedelic, which pretty much means that anything goes! Have fun. Share your creations here.

You haven't participated in our "Collaborations" before? No problem. It's really easy. We brainstorm and vote on the theme and colours to be used and then you create! And there is no time frame involved: when the mood hits - create!


Top 5 Trending Creations

Editor's Pick of the Month

Meet "Blue Angel" - isn't it beautiful?!! 

This piece touches my heart - the elegance, the simplicity, the natural element of the feather - it is all striking, and, for me, spiritually powerful. 

Penpen's description is simply: "Goose feather, glass heart, spacer". More words are not necessary, are they?! The Blue Angel speaks for itself. 

Thank-you penpen for sharing this treasure with us.

More Beautiful Creations

Our Jewelry Showcase

Tips & Tutorials

Wire Wrapping

I am always in awe of the beautiful creations, posted by our members. Today I want to focus on those using wire wrapping.

Some creations use wire to wrap an object such as a stone or bead, or even more wire; other creations wrap the wire back and forth and around and around to create a pattern and design feature for the jewelry. The posibilities really are endless.

Some basic tools to help with the process of wire-wrapping are: pliers, hammer or mallet, and, perhaps, a jig of sorts to create consistent shapes. Of course, artists have their personal preference for tools and techniques and, as with most things, there are as many different ways of doing something as there are creations! 

Let's use our Theme: Twisted Wire to share your favourite tools and wire-wrapping techniques!

Share Your Tips

Stats & More

Stats: We are 2,063 jewelry makers making 16,060 comments on 3,743 creations, 243 blogs and 216 forum topics.

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