Newsletter n° 4 : increasing impact

As we are now almost half-way through the 3-year Council of Europe/European Union Programmatic Cooperation Framework (PCF) for Eastern Partnership countries, many of the 41 projects have reached their intensive implementation stage and are producing deliverables and making progress towards their expected results. This fourth newsletter summarises some of the activities in the last 3-months. More information on PCF projects can be found on the PCF website and Facebook page.

ARMENIA: Strengthening healthcare and human rights protection in prisons

Audio visual services in Ukraine

“We have to remember that the key recipient of the new audio-visual legislation is Ukrainian society which deserves quality services, adequate content which would enable people to better understand the informational world in which we live.”

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Moldova Internet User’s Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

The first multi-stakeholder platform on the Internet which was held in the Republic of Moldova underlined both the EU/CoE and Moldova’s vision of a people-centered approach to Internet policies.

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Interview with Vassilis Maragos, Head of Unit, DG Near, European Union

On the occasion of the 2nd steering committee meeting for the PCF, we interviewed Vassilis Maragos, Head of Unit C/2 Regional Programmes Neighbourhood East, about the Eastern Partnership and the importance of the PCF and how it will improve the lives of citizens in the Eastern Partnership countries and the benefit for EU citizens.

Detailed information on country specific projects

Implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights in Georgia

Shared responsibility of state and non-state actors in implementing the European Convention on Human Rights in Georgia was the focus of the International conference ...

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Roundtable on elections in Belarus Parliament

"Belarus needs to reform its electoral legislation to ensure a thoroughly competitive political environment which is a key condition for the long-term democratic stability of the country.”


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Civil Participation in Decision Making in EaP countries

A study on 'Civil Participation in Decision Making in Eastern Partnership countries' has just been published. The challenges and opportunities in the field of participatory policymaking differ across the EaP countries but all six countries face shortcomings in the clarity, effectiveness and inclusiveness of their policy-drafting and evaluation procedures.

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Satisfaction surveys improving efficiency of justice in Moldova

A working group adapted and approved the questionnaires and the methodology of conducting satisfaction surveys in regard to court users, lawyers and court staff. Each type of survey will be conducted in the six pilot courts in Moldova and advice was provided based on the experience of Italian Courts.


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Discussions on defamation in Azerbaijan

Awareness raising on Council of Europe standards and best European practices on defamation and freedom of expression and a platform for open discussions on how to improve the national legislation concerning defamation and journalistic practice in Azerbaijan.

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Armenian domestic electoral observers strengthening their network

Observers from the ten main domestic election observer organisations, have been invited to deepen their knowledge on international election standards and the issues in Armenia and to strengthen their network and build up local synergies.

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