CENII Newsletter: Issue April 2016

EU-GCC Clean Energy Network II

fostering clean energy partnerships

EU-GCC Clean Energy Network II

Τhe EU GCC Clean Energy Network  aims to catalyze partnerships between clean energy stakeholders in the GCC and the EU.

The Network is a source of information on clean energy topics, the inclusive platform for stakeholders to meet and debate and the bridge towards cooperation on clean energy, including policy, technology and industry as well as research aspects, among various players across the EU and GCC countries.

Network News


Working Groups Consultation Workshop, May 24, 2016, Dubai

The EU GCC Clean Energy Network II (CENII) is organizing the first Working Groups’ Consultation Workshop on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 in Dubai and invites its members and other clean energy stakeholders to participate. The workshop will gather industry, policy as well as research stakeholders from the EU and the GCC, for the Working Groups on Renewable Energy Sources and on Electricity Interconnections & Market Integration. (venue to be confirmed soon)

Read more about the event and confirm your participation.

Network e-Consultation open until May 10, 2016

We value very much your contribution in the Working Groups consultation process aiming at identifying and prioritising topics of interest for EU GCC cooperation as well type of services/offering that you consider being of interest for your region, country and organization as well as for your personal development as a clean energy expert. The consultation involves a series of very brief surveys on various clean energy topics (Working Groups’ fields)

Devote only few minutes and take part in the e-consultation.

The Network at the MENA-REC, April 4-6, 2016, Kuwait

During the 6th Middle East & North Africa Renewable Energy Conference (MENA-REC6) held in 4-6 April 2016, Kuwait, the Network had a strong presence and took the opportunity to consult with MENA stakeholders acquiring feedback for the Network's action plan for its Working Groups. Frank Wouters, CENII Team Leader, was a panelist discussing on the Development of Renewable Energy Market in the GCC Countries.  Moreover, Mustapha Taoumi, CENII Energy Technology Expert, member of the MENAREC International Steering Committee, contributed as panelist in the Regional Cooperation & Market Outlook session on behalf of IRENA and was a Keynote speaker in the IRENA- KISR workshop on "RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN RENEWABLE ENERGY POWER PURCHASE AGREEMENTS" that was organized back to back to MENAREC. Read more here. 

The Network at the Kuwait Society of Engineers, April 5, 2016, Kuwait

The Network, represented by Frank Wouters and Mustapha Taoumi, discussing EU GCC collaboration with the Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE). 5 April 2016, KSE premises.

More Upcoming Events


The Network at the EIC Connect Middle East 2016, May 17, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Frank Wouters will be a speaker at the EIC Connect Middle East 2016. The event will explore opportunities in the Middle East energy sectors while recognizing the challenges that come with operating and contracting in the region. 

Read more here

The Network at Oman Energy and Water, 23-25 May, Muscat, Oman


The Network will contribute and be part of the Oman Energy and Water: Exhibition and Conference to be held on 23-25 May at Muscat.  Frank Wouters, CENII Team Leader will be speaking on the 23rd May at the Conference.

Read more here

“Smart Energy Cities” training seminars supported by the Network


An excellent opportunity for involving GCC city stakeholders in the relevant EU research agenda and providing insight in related best practices.

Training Workshops in: Sant Cugat, 31 May 2016 - Zaanstad 7 June 2016 - Savona, 6 July 2016

Read more here 

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EU-GCC Clean Energy Network II

Project Office:

CENII project is establishing its main office in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Project Key Experts Team:

Frank Wouters, Team Leader,

Mustapha Taoumi, Energy Technology Expert,

Ioanna Makarouni, Communication and Events Management Expert

Network Contact: contact@eugcc-cleanergy.net

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