Fall is one of my very favorite times.

Fall’s beauty, to me, represents the fullness of the seeds that were planted months ago—tucked, hidden, where they could begin unfolding into the design God gave them.

I look at my marigold plant, covered with so many happy yellow blooms. And I remember the papery sliver, weighing nearly nothing—and looking like even less—that was the seed from which all of its fullness came.

Our dreams are like that seed. So much promise and so many parts are tucked inside them. And then God works to bring them to the surface, and then keeps them growing until they produce what they were meant to.

God is faithful.

No one said dreams were an easy business, though. I think of Joseph, Moses, and Noah—of how faithful God was to steward the dreams he had given, even when their dreams looked dead, or their lives spun out of control—or both.

Whether your dream has gotten delayed, as Joseph’s was for years; buried, as Moses’s was for decades; or is taking shape but is requiring hard work and an arkload of faith, as with Noah; all God-given dreams are real things and are given for a reason.

Our dreams matter to more than just us.

Every one of the three dreams just mentioned was given and fulfilled for the benefit of many others. That’s how God-given dreams work.

As I continue to work on the books God has given me the dream to write (I’m working on this one right now), I’m praying for a harvest of faith and encouragement in the lives of many readers.

What God-given dream are you nurturing in this season?

What’s the name of the dream you’re tending with God? What stage of life is it in? Is your dream a hidden seed, and you’re not even sure yet what it is? Is it an emerging, tender sprout that you can identify? A sturdy, growing plant? Beginning to bloom? Already bearing fruit?

Whatever your answer, I think you’ll find something inspiring in this month’s recommended reading.

Recommended Reading

The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson – I loved this book! The first part is an allegorical tale that provided many useful aha moments. The rest of the book also delivered a great deal of helpful insight. I wrote down this quote from the book so I would remember to pray it regularly: “Please, dear God, make me into the person I need to be to do the dream you’ve created me to do.”

Your Beautiful Purpose by Susie Larson (book and DVD) – Susie’s own life story includes a God-given dream that took time and faith to come to fruition, so I appreciate her perspective. I’ve been working through this book and the companion DVD for several weeks, and I like how it’s going so far! I can tell God is working through it.

Leaf by Niggle by J.R.R. Tolkien – This short story is an allegory of the living out of an individual’s dream. It’s autobiographical with regard to how Tolkien viewed his own life and lifework. I read the piece a while ago, and the story’s hopeful message about the future of our dreams has stayed with me.

Stay by AmyLu Riley – When my God-given dream was buried without even a headstone to remember it by, God quietly showed up at its unmarked grave, raised it, and breathed life into it. This is that story.

Parting Words

As we head into fall, I’d love to hear what season it is for your God-given dream. Hit reply and let me know. And if you feel like your dream is missing or dead, be encouraged: If you have become a child of God, he has put a dream inside you (Ephesians 2:10), and God’s life-giving Spirit is in you, as well (Romans 8:11). God will see it through (Philippians 1:6).



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