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Welcome one and all!

Welcome to issue Two of the Raven Weekly! 

A new weekly newsletter that highlights the artistic endeavors of Studio-Aegis, myself!

Woke up with quite a start this morning to the sound of a deranged man yelling obscenities and gibberish from my front door.

Had to call the cops. The dispatcher irritatingly asked me more about my current health and possible viral exposure than the situation with the crazy man at my door.

They arrived about an hour and a half later confirming that other neighbors had reported him too. He of course had vanished just before they arrived, but for an hour and a half I was left to my own devices against some lunatic.

Crazy Man On My Porch

Not that I had any real fear he would try something, mind you, and I did have a couple backup options ready to go in case he tried to enter the house.

Apparently he lives in the housing complex across the street and has a mental disorder. They said they would tell him to keep off my property. For all the good that will do with a person in such a state.

For the now the situation is resolved but I'm sure we'll end up crossing paths again at some point. I in fact can hear him right now as I'm typing this, yelling incomprehensibly in the distance, even over my headphones.

Make sure you take the necessary precautions to defend yourself in these trying times. As the wait times for security to arrive are unacceptable.

This Weeks Progress!

And now here are some highlights of the creations I've accomplished this week!

Some of you might have noticed that I developed a mascot of sorts for the Raven Weekly to include an icon for the archive page.

I set up the file so that I could use it with or without the scroll. I should look a bit more deeply into getting affordable stickers made up of some of my works in the near future for peeps interested in those. ^ _^

I've also created a new F.A.Q. page and started populating it with some questions I gathered recently, I'm still on the lookout for additional questions I can add to the list though.

If you got any good ones you think would help to improve peeps experience on my website I'd love to hear them!

I gotta draw up some art assets for that page too now. I had been contemplating creating some new additions to my Vessel Icons I created a while back for the site.

Check out some of my previous Sketch Rewards?

Special Offers!
Roll For Loot!

Don't forget! This months "Roll For Loot" contest is live! So be sure to join the discord to get in on the fun. Contest ends 25Apr20!

Boosted chances to earn a Sketch Reward!

Patron Special Offer!

Patrons don't forget too! This month (April 2020) I'm offering ALL of my patrons a sketch request as a special thank you for sticking with me during a recent bout of illness / depression (Not Covid related, thankfully)

Learn how you can claim your "Sketch Reward" here!

As little as $2 to participate.

Pledge Exchange!

Patrons who opt to switch their pledges from Patreon to my new set up on Studio-Aegis will also qualify for a Sketch Request.

Doing so will help your donations to stretch that much further by removing Patreon as an unnecessary middleman from our exchange.

I will also refund your first payment to ensure you're not double charged!

Fan Art Submission!

Love this piece from Toonvasion. It has that 1920s vintage, inkblot, rubber hose style.

I love those, erm, what are they called? Granny panties? That he drew Orphan in. XD

I'd long struggled with how to develop Orphan's attire. What with her being a werewolf (and one that grows to considerable size at that) shes not able to maintain a normal set of set of clothing for very long.

The trouble is magnified too by her having rather poor discipline when it comes to gauging when her next transformation is due. (which distresses her companions greatly)

I had her in a sort of loincloth at the moment made from strips of cloth from her hood, but this somehow seems really cute and functional. XD

Keeping properly clothed and groomed is something I plan to explore in detail for the character, and should be a source of many humorous and dramatic plot points.

Be sure to send some love over to Toonvasion. ^ _^


Self Isolate in style! XD

I only make like $2-$4 per sale on these shirts but having my works out in the wild were they can be discovered by new fans is invaluable. ^ _^

Moonlit Transformation
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Ladies Of Halloween
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The Grim Reaper's List
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Novella Progress Report!

Writing is currently 15% Complete

  • First Draft is 20% Complete

Illustrations are 35% Complete

  • 20 illustrations complete or needing minor revisions.
  • 14 penciled waiting to be inked.
  • 10-20 currently being conceptualized.

This week I began inking my next Novella illustration! This piece features Red Riding Hood Orphan in the early stages of transforming into her wolf form.

Her expression has a mixture of fear and confusion at having been spotted by Standard. She terrified knowing that her presence has placed her friends lives in danger.

Her bones have lengthened making her look gangly and strange, which also makes pinning down the anatomy even trickier.

The legs and feet have been giving me a spot and don't quite feel quite right just yet.

Unfortunately my sense of anatomy still isn't quite where I'd like it to be, a lot of corrections get performed during the inking process which tends to slow down my progress.

Overall I'm really digging how shes shaping up and I can't wait to be able to show off the finished product!


And that concludes issue Two of the Raven Weekly!

Things are a bit rough around the edges with the layout still subtly evolving, but I think things are moving in the right direction.

Once the "Roll For Loot" concludes this week we'll see some more sketch rewards getting produced.

In the meanwhile I'll do my best to finish the inks for these novella pages as soon as I can.

Above and beyond know that you my loyal fans and patrons are invaluable to me! Thank you all so much, I hope to hear from you all again soon!

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