Your Monthly Gazette: Issue 1.09 - December 2015

From the Editor

Ho, Ho, Ho!!! 'Tis the season for Christmas cheer, gift-giving, and inspiration! 

How busy home-crafters are these days, especially if they are running a business as well: not only maintaining stock but making personalized, hand-made jewelry for family and friends. 

Sending good thoughts your way, during this busy time of year and a Merry Christmas to all, as well!



Poinsettia Earrings ... or

We have a little challenge going on, right now -- to make a pair of poinsettia earrings. 

Terry has shared the pattern here and you can copy it, add your own personal twist to it, if you'd like, and then share your version with us! 
We already have some poinsettias, wreaths, and snowflakes! 

(And...don't tell anyone but we have another challenge coming soon! Watch for it!)

Take The Challenge


Bride's Bracelet

Creator: kimberly newman

Twist Bracelet

Creator: bojanli

Theme Of The Month

Christmas & More

Snowflakes, tree, angels, and stars - these are just a few of the symbols of the season. 

What are your holiday creations? Share them with us in this theme blog.

More Beautiful Creations

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Stats & More

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