Your Monthly Gazette: Issue 1.08 - November 2015

From the Editor

Hallowe'en: √ 
And now we head towards, do we dare mention the next biggie holiday? I think I'll just leave it at that. 

But, regardless of the time of year, I know that your creative minds are busy envisioning and your hands are busy creating. I can't wait to see what you will be posting this coming month!


Fall Awards

Theme: Trick or Treat

And the winners are ... 

Congratulations to all our Award Winners and participants. A special congrats to Becca Ross for her first place win! 

See all the results here


Dakota Red Creek Jasper

Creator: BDBD Bead Designs by Debbie

Spider Earrings

Creator: Ann Becker

More Beautiful Creations

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Theme Of The Month

Twisted Wire

Join our band:  "Twisted Wire"!! 
Share your stories, your inspirations, your creations.
Maybe you'd like to post a tutorial? Or ask a question?
What are your favourite tools to use for this technique?
Our "groupies" are filled with anticipation.
Share your Twisted Wire experience here. 

Stats & More

Stats: 2,012 jewelry makers making 11,313 comments on 2,918 creations, 160 blogs and 166 forum topics.

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