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Also, if there are any bloggers out there who want to post about my release, there are some handy pics and links and bio stuff on the promo page at Bookbuzz.


OMG, you guys. I just got back from spending the weekend at the Gorge watching Dead and Company. I absolutely LOVE that venue and I have fun hanging out with hippies. I got some cool stuff at Shakedown Street too. Shakedown is this delightful hippy flea market that appears in the campground. 

Here's a tapestry I got there and a view of the concert, and a view of my camping spot!

I also got a romantic present from Kent! The last night of the concert, he offered to buy me something and I wanted a necklace. This one appealed to me because of the shape and texture.

It's called moldavite and it happened when a meteor hit the Earth so hard that part of the earth melted and splashed up into space before falling back down. I didn't know until after Kent bought it that the stone is translucent green. I love it.

Also, Shadowpaw made a perfect backdrop for taking a pic of the necklace.

Book News:

I'm making good progress on the 2nd B Mine book, Her Haunted Heart, and there will be an exclusive first look at the cover VERY soon, so please keep an eye on your inbox!

I'll also have another giveaway!!! 

Oh! And I checked amazon and my publisher still has my heavy metal romance, Kissing Vicious, on sale for 99 cents!

You can get it on Amazon...

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