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Akash Patel | October 2020
TKS Innovator

Hello and welcome to my newsletter! Nice to meet you/see you again! I'm Akash, a 14 y/o with a passion for medicine and nanotech. I'm currently training at The Knowledge Society, trying to become a polymath to impact multiple people in the world.

Keep reading to see what I've been upto this month, and my goals for next month!

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What I've been exploring this month

Nucleolin - The Holy Grail of Cancer Treatment?

How we can use this common protein found in cells to treat cancer with a nanoparticle delivery system.

Coursera - Nanotechnology: A Maker's Course

An introductory course to nanotech. Goes over tools to work on nanoparticles and nanofabrication.

🗓️ Events

Some of the experiences I've had this month. Learned a lot!


During my first ever hackathon, me and my team had to think of a problem that could be solved with AI and then design a solution. Check out this pitch of me explaining our idea.

Mock UI

As part of the hackathon, me and my team also created a mock UI on a Google Slides that would closely represent what our application would actually be like. Feel free to explore it.

Hyperloop One Fireside Chat

Learned so much from this talk with Hyperloop One Product Manager Matt Shah. The future for this company looks promising, and I can't wait to see what they develop. Shoutout to Ethan Wei for moderating it!

🍂 November's Plan

My goals/focuses for the next month to come. Hopefully it all goes well!


Objective: Finish the course, and write about my takeaways (aiming for 2 articles)


Objective: Create some videos on the new things I've been learning (aiming for 3)


Objective: Meet people who share similar interest as me to explore their thoughts

Well, that's it for this month. I hope you learned something, or got some insight on my journey. Next month will hopefully be even better, and I hope I can achieve all my goals. Talk to you soon guys!


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