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Welcome to Issue 1.07 ~  November 2014 

From the Editor

It's exciting times here at our WoodworkingWeb community. 

First we have the winners of our Awards announced (Congratulations to Angela Maddock and Kiefer). There were 18 entries in total, thank-you very much to our woodworkers! And thank-you to everyone who voted as well. 

Next, we have reached some milestones: 500 projects (just over a week ago) and 500 members (earlier in the month). Thank-you, again, to everyone for making this a great community and for inviting others to join us.

What's next? Well ..... 

~ Debbie

From The Team

Wood & Tool Tags

When you add or edit a creation you will see two new fields for listing the woods & tools used on a given creation... Read more here

Posting Photos From Smartphones

WoodworkingWeb was designed with mobile users in mind. [...]When you click on a new picture button it should allow you to choose from your photos on the smartphone ... Read more here

Quarterly Awards

And the winner is .... Angela Maddock with her Jewelry Tower. Congratulations! 

Click here for all the Awards results. 

Trending In The Gallery This Month

Hanging Wooden Box
Created by Asim

"Mango wood made key box with carving

Read more here - and post your comments!

Created by Ianwater

"I called this box Moroco since the pattern itself is referred to as Moroccan pattern."

Read more here - and post your comments!

More Amazing WoodworkingWeb Creations

See All Creations

Interview With A Woodworker: David

"I’ve always enjoyed putting things together. As a kid, it was building blocks, then Lego’s, then plastic models, then RTA furniture my Mom and Dad would buy. But woodworking didn’t..."

Read the full interview here

Photo by: HorizontalMike

Theme of the Month: Carving

Our WoodworkingWeb members have created and shared some really beautiful carved creations. 

Share your creations, tips & strategies here.

(Daffodil Spandrel - By Steve Beauchamp)

Our THEME Library

Weekly Briefs

Watch for our "Weekly Briefs" - a quick look at what's new on the site, including Editor's Choice & Fans' Choice Creations and woodworking tips/strategies shared by our members.
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Stats & More

STATS: We are 532 woodworkers making 6,003 comments on 515 creations, 265 blogs and 179 forum topics.

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