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What's a Wolf Pack Run, you ask? Pull up your e-reader and let me explain. When the Wolf Pack runs, that means readers get deals--99 cent deals, to be specific. Every book listed in this newsletter--including my own!--is on sale for ONLY 99 CENTS, right now. That's a whole lot of hot, alpha wolves (or dragons, or cougars, or...) for not a lot of dough. But it's only for a limited time, so stock up now--hurry!

Here's how it works: My book, OF LOVE AND DARKNESS, is listed below, if you wanna grab it. THEN, click the button below that to see a whole pack full of hot book deals. THEN click the button below THAT, because there's a contest, so, you know, you can win PRIZES. Ready? Set? GO!


He thinks she's his mate; she thinks he's batshit crazy.

Fall in love with Gavin, the reluctant hero, Sydney, the determined heroine, and William, the hilarious football player-sized, cross-dressing sidekick.



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