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October 2015 Edition

Dear Reader,

We are very excited to present our First Quarterly edition of our newsletter, Insights. This is a very special edition to us as it launches a month prior to our 15-year anniversary.

We have grown throughout the years and have maintained valuable relationships with our clients, keeping them aware of our developments as the regional expert within the Financial Sector.

Our goal with Insight is to keep a flow of valuable information throughout the year.  Whether you’re new to IBIS Management or an existing client in the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe or Asia our hope is to continue bringing you helpful information, product updates, and upcoming industry events.

Should you have an idea or a success story to share or are aware of an upcoming event, send us your ideas so we can help support each other and grow together!

Enjoy your readings.

Germaine Gibbs

VP Business Development and Marketing

Modernization of the Trust Sector

Many factors are influencing the state of the Trust industry in the process of managing the flow of payments on behalf of clients. The Impact of changing domestic, international and jurisdictional regulations are bringing about significant strains on current payment and compliance processes. For years, Central Banks have been placing pressure on all Financial Institutions and recently also focusing on Trust companies to ensure proper reporting and compliance to set guidelines.

International trust companies that will succeed in this environment and experience healthy growth are those that embrace innovation by upgrading and automating their reporting and administration to be able focus on both flexibility and efficiency of servicing their clients.

As some firms within the sector struggle to stay afloat, leaders in the industry are seizing opportunities to set their trust business apart by implementing innovative technologies to increase efficiencies and streamline compliance and reporting processes.Innovation is no longer just a choice, it is a necessity. Much better use of technology is being made within the Trust Industry to improve not only back-office efficiencies but also the communication channels with clients for better quality and modernization of service. The industry is very competitive and any improvements that the Trust business can incorporate to better serve its customer needs to be taken into account...........

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Noro Bank Implementing the New Chart of Accounts

Noro Bank N.V. has signed with IBIS Management to provide support in implementing the New Chart of Accounts (NCoA) requirements that are due by January 2016 as mandated by the Central Bank of Curacao and Sint Maarten. 

The implementation of the NCoA impacts processes, procedures and data requirements. In addition it requires a different level of expertise to understand and apply the new framework.

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GREENLIGHT optimizes Bank's Reporting Process to Ensure Basel II Compliance

Aruba Bank is implementing GREENLIGHT to optimize its reporting process, ensuring compliance with the upcoming deadline for Basel II - pillar 1 requirements set forth by the new chart of account of the Central Bank.

Dutch Caribbean banks have until the beginning of 2016 to implement new risk management techniques and reporting principles agreed by global regulators.

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IBIS Sponsors a Breakfast Series for the Curaçao Entrepreneur

Inspiring Growth: an IBIS 15th Anniversary series for the Curaçao Entrepreneur will be held on November 4th, 5th and 6th.

As part of IBIS Management’s 15th Anniversary celebration activities and events, a series of Inspirational, Thought-provoking and Motivational breakfast sessions will be given for the Curaçao Entrepreneur.

During these breakfast sessions, we will share our experiences and lessons learned as well as valuable tips and tricks that will help the Curaçao entrepreneurs succeed internationally.

Our goal is to give to this group of talented Curaçao entrepreneurs the knowledge, tools and ingredients for international business success and growth. If you are a Curaçao entrepreneur and you wish to attend, please visit to reserve your seat..

2015 Alchemy and SWISSRoute User Group Meeting

This year’s Alchemy and SWISSRoute User Group Meeting will be held November 24th through November 27th at Papagayo Beach Hotel in Curacao, where Alchemy was born and from which we continue Shaping the Payment Evolution.

Our banking experts will take you through new developments and understandings of key information to help you maximize your use of the Alchemy and SWISSRoute platforms. Exciting lectures, knowledgeable speakers and perfect endings to the days have been planned just for you.

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Visit our booth at the 2015 CAB Conference

IBIS Management will be participating in the annual Caribbean Association of Banks conference in St. Kitts. Our theme this year ”Guiding you into the future of Banking” goes hand in hand with the question raised by the CAB conference: “Where to from here.” Our goal is to enlighten participants on how our solutions respond to the pressing needs of regional financial institutions when it comes to creating greater efficiency and remaining competitive, while maintaining compliance with Global Banking standards and regulatory reporting requirements. Visit our booth to chat with our experts or to schedule a FREE online demo at your convenience after the event. And don’t forget to pickup your invitation for an end-of-day cocktail hour to celebrate IBIS Management’s 15th Anniversary
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