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Here's the first chapter of my book about freelance blogging 💻 ✍️
TL;DR—here it is.

Blogging has a terrible reputation for being a trade where you can't earn very much money, especially in oversaturated industries such as food and travel.

But when every company is seemingly using content to hook new customers, how can that be? Well, the truth is, freelance blogging is very different today than it was 5+ years ago. Businesses are realising that engaging content = customers, and even blogs are becoming better at generating steady revenue (enough to pay writers between $100-$400+ per article).

And that's where you come in. Whether you're hesitant to enter the world of blogging because of its bad reputation, or you're a current blogger struggling to earn more than $10/article, reading my book will teach you how the freelance blogging industry works in 2017. You'll learn how to approach brands (big and small), how to scale your revenue over time, and finally how to advance into writing books, magazine writing, and even being an editor.

And of course, how to be an excellent writer.

It won't be a free book, but for now here's the *first* draft of the first chapter, "Introduction to Blogging". No strings attached, feedback welcome!

—Daniel Schwarz (@mrdanielschwarz)
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Note from the editor
I've been taking some time off from my usual work (with maybe a couple of vacations 🙄) to write my aforementioned book, and also a few others. I have to say, if you thought scoring a book deal sounds hard, then try self-publishing. I'm trying to build a marketplace for my books at the same time, while talking to various brands who I'll be writing about (they're design/tech books). I know nothing about marketing or sales, so this is new ground for me. If I figure it out maybe I'll write a book about it 😂.

Wish me luck!

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