I absolutely LOVE this poster.  In my mind it shares what as educators we need to do to be successful!  Read it carefully and as you prepare for the upcoming school year make sure you are including these in your plan.  

ABC's of Successful Teaching!

On my Blog this summer I spent time preparing the ABC's of Successful Teaching.  Each letter represented and important element, provided suggestions, and ended with FREEBIES.  Please click here and stop by to view all the ideas and freebies.  A = Assessment, B = Behavior, C = Communication...and all the way to Zz.  What a wonderful way to reflect on the upcoming school year AND pick up some fantastic FREEBIES.

The Summer Olympic Games

Are you watching?  I bet your students are.  This packet is fill with "GOLD MEDAL" activities and crafts for your class.  The packet focuses on both the WINTER and SUMMER Olympics so next time around you will be ready to go. By using the activities in this packet you are able to embed key curriculum into the topic of interest for your class. Click here for a quick Summer Olympic FREEBIE and Preview of the complete packet.

Presidential Elections


The conventions are complete and the candidates are off campaigning again.  Prepare your class for November.  This packet has informational text about each candidate and the path to becoming a President.  It DOES NOT at anytime encourage "who would you vote for" but instead focuses on qualities of leaders, vocabulary, fun facts about the candidates, and vocabulary.  My favorite part of the packet are the two wonderful book companions (Duck for President, My Teacher for President) that are followed by fun filled activities for voting and experiencing the election experience!  Who do you choose...Farmer Brown, Duck?  What leadership qualities do they both have?  Would your teacher make a good President?  What are the responsibilities of a President?  


Informational Text

In our last newsletter we focused on Standard Activities and Assessment for Writing and Mathematics.  This time we will focus on ELA.  Let's begin with Informational Text.  This is so key to the reading process because in MY opinion it develops readers with strong comprehension skills and readers who are able to read text and gather information.  This packet begins with the Standards for posting in the I CAN... format.  These are followed by a book cover for each student along with a check sheet of each standard.  These are so helpful for YOU the educator in recognizing WHO needs more help, the STUDENT as we empower them to view what they need to work on, and PARENTS as an informative tool of what is being taught and what their child needs support with.  Each standard is assed using a graphic organizer so the student or you can select the specific text to be used.


Part Two is Literature.  I designed this specifically to be used with familiar literature stories enjoyed by all.  As well as my suggestions for assessing standards I provide for you a list of other books for each standard so that you can use these stories for practice and review.  Example:  (Click, Clack, Moo...Cows that Type  RL Who What Where When Why)  (The Grouchy Ladybug  RL Fiction/Non Fiction)  The assessment pages are created so students can write or draw depending on level of achievement.


Yes they are available in a bundle for a deep savings.  I think you will find these perfect to assure that your standards have been covered and met by each student.

Speaking of Bundles always check when you are looking at items if it is in a "bundle" form as the savings can often get you a "bonus for your buck!"


I have three freebies for you this month that are sure to help you start your school year off successfully!

Effective Communication

Monthly Calendars

Organizational Tools


2016/2017 WE ARE READY!

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Keep Growing!

Keep Improving!

Keep Teaching!

Newsletter Updates

 As I prepare each newsletter I try to find a topic that will be helpful to you in the classroom.  Be sure to click on the highlighted areas for the free downloads.  Most of what is free in this newsletter is not free on my TpT site.  Please let me know what else you would like to have included in the newsletter. Thank you to those of you who have written me.  I love hearing from you!



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