Monthly Gazette - Issue 2.10 - October 2015

Ah, yes, fall. It's wonderful having beautiful warm weather in the summer but isn't it, also, wonderful to pull out that snuggly sweater or curl up under a cozy blanket at night? And, isn't it wonderful to be crocheting that cozy blanket at the same time!! 
Well, in case you didn't know what to make: for that cozy blanket, we have the Collaboration Creations (see below) or maybe you want to make something for our Fall Awards (also posted below). 
Or maybe you are working on something else. What are you working on, these fall days, $name? 

~ Debbie


Theme: Trick or Treat

Fall is here and all of us, especially kids, look forward to Halloween. Trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, decorating, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions and watching horror films. There are so many things you can apply to your Halloween Creation and enter it into our awards for a chance to win!



Our Mandala

We are currently brainstorming for Row 33
We had a little break in the summer and it's taking a bit of nudging to get ourselves back into the rhythm but we are off and running again! 

Our Granny Square Bedspread

Square 14 - already!! Just a reminder of how this works: each week we vote on a pattern to use and then create 7 squares to join onto our preceding work. How simple is that?! Which pattern do you think we should use next?
Oh, and share your progress - we'd love to see a picture of your bedspread, thus far!

Our Collab-agon

Our "Collab-agon" is all about the hexagon squares. Using the same format as with the Granny Squares, we are already planning for our fifth pattern! Very exciting.
(And, again, we'd love to see what your version looks like so far!)


Prairie Star Throw

Creator: Shinermom

"Measures appx 50×72. All yarn came from my stash." 

Cinnamon Butterfly Shawl

Creator: Kristi

"Test Shawls for upcoming CAL"

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