In this months Newsletter, The Radio Times Favourite ITV Show Poll, Radio Soundbites from the Team and Tim Healy, Tyne Idols and AWP plus our New Competition!


  • The Radio Times Favourite ITV Show Poll Winner!
  • Radio soundbites from the team and Tim Healy!
  • Tyne Idols and Auf Wiedersehen, Pet
  • The Brand New Competition!
  • Fans Favourite Series 2 Quotes!


Not content with winning the Evening Chronicle's top North East TV Series of all time earlier this month, we can exclusively reveal Auf Wiedersehen, Pet has done it again!

We've beaten Thunderbirds (second) and Coronation Street (third) to take the No. 1 spot in the Radio Times favourite ITV programme of all time!

According to Radio Times editor Ben Preston, the writers were “years ahead of their time”, as “the issues thrown up by migrant workers dominate our politics today like never before.”

And we couldn’t agree more! This win is yet another testament to the quality writing, directing, acting and production of televisions finest comedy drama and we'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate writers Ian Le Frenais, Dick Clement and Stan Hey on another fantastic achievement.

To find out more and who made the top 10, visit the Fansite here and check out several BBC Radio interviews featuring website creator Lee Barratt, locations expert Tim Wagstaff and none other than the gaffer himself, Mr. Tim Healy!


As many of you know, 'Tyne Idols' is a name synonymous with 'Sunday for Sammy' - the charity set up by Jimmy Nail and Tim Healy as a lasting tribute to the late Sammy Johnson (Series 2 - Martin Cooper) to support and promote creative talent in performing arts.

They're also renowned for celebrating the enormous wealth of talent born in the north east of England and host unforgettable cultural heritage and real-ale tours packed with trivia, facts, special guests and fun onboard their touring double-decker bus.

To complement the mass of music, television and heritage memorabilia adorning their classic old school bus, Tyne Idols 'Paul Irwin' recently commissioned team member Andy Patrick to produce a one-off 'BECO Building Site' graphic.

The original artwork features several legendary Series 1 film set buildings as they would have appeared back in 1983 including the 'Admin Hut', the 'Turks Hut' and of course home of our magnificent 7... 'Hut B'!

To see the artwork in the flesh and enjoy an unforgettable tour on board, guided by 2 local heroes-in-residence music historian TV producer Chris Phipps of 'The Tube' fame, and legendary folk-rock band 'Lindisfarne' drummer, Ray Laidlaw call Julie Clay on 0191 253 1618 or visit the Tyne Idols website for more information!

Left: Chris Phipps (TyneIdols), Centre: Andy Patrick (AWP), Right: Paul Irwin (TyneIdols).


Following the phenomenal success of our 'Official Series 1 Quotations T-shirt' our team has commenced the design of the brand new official 'Ultimate Series 2 Quotations T-Shirt' in celebration of Series 2's 30th anniversary celebrations next year!

But we need your help!

We'd like you to submit your favourite Series 2 quotes and one liners via our entry form here. As a special thank you, we'll pop every single entry into a prize draw to win the very first Series 2 Quotations T-shirt hot off the production line before anyone else!

Not only that, each and every entry suggestion will receive advanced notification of the T-shirt release date and the opportunity to pre-order before general release.

Will your favourite Series 2 quotation make the next official 2016 release? Well what you waiting for? Go grab your Series 2 DVD box set, pencil and paper and submerge yourself in television gold whilst noting down your favourite quotes, locations and one liners.

To submit your favourite quote - and a chance to win - simply complete the S2 Quotations Entry Form here. Closing date for entries is Sunday 25th October 2015. Multiple suggestions welcome. Terms and conditions apply.

Oh, and why not check out our Series 1 Quotations T-shirt here, for a touch of inspiration?


Laura Kinton from Nottingham

I don't know about any other fans but I tend to separate series 2 into three parts, Barry's house, Thornley Manor, Spain.

I love the scene where Oz goes to meet up with Dennis again at Norma's house and he does his whole scene in pure Geordie about being kicked off the Falkland Islands, going to America etc, but I think my favourite quote is from Thornley Manor,

"What are you peasants doing on my property? The notice there clearly states, that members of the working class will be exterminated, now #### off!.."

I just think it's pure brilliance, I've always said if we were to win the lottery and buy a big house, we'd call it Thornley manor and have a notice that says exactly that!!!!

Sara Peters from Chesterfield.

My favourite quote has to be one from Barry. 

"Wolverhampton is not a natural stopping off place on the way to Fishguard Wayne, even if you are desperate for a pee!!!..."

I love this scene it's one of my favourites. Always love the Barry and Wayne scenes, so comical!!! I also love it when Barry says to Wayne...

"I'm deeply disappointed in you Wayne, no growth has taken place since Düsseldorf......"

Tracy Holmes (Left) from Christchurch, New Zealand.

My favourite Series 2 quote is from 'Quo Vadis, Pet'.

Dennis, "Oh by the way I'll be holdin back about three grand."

Ally, "Awe thats your wee bonus is it ?"

Dennis, "No no, thats the approximate cost of six air tickets back here plus bed and board."

Ally, "Sorry Dennis, dont follow you there."

Dennis, "Aye well you will in a minute you see, just supposin, I'm leavin the pub one dark night, and two of your bone-heads decide to take me round the back. Or supposin err, somebody puts a brick through me ex-wife's window. Or puts the frighteners on me girlfriend, or me kids. I'm ganna need that cash arn't I. So, me and the lads can come back here, take apart everything we've built for ya and then, take you apart !"

Its been a long time coming for our Den, but finally he has Ally Fraser by the ######## ! His delivery is calm, matter of fact and deadly. Ally may still be his boss, just until the job is complete but he is no longer Den's 'evil master'. 

Its a brilliant piece of writing and a brilliant piece of acting. Works for me anyway!

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Yours till the next point of interest, Lee, Tim & Andy.

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet




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