TweedLove Box Set

More action than Game of Thrones, here's some awesome viewing from this year's TweedLove.

Massive thanks to everyone who raced, rode, rang a cowbell, helped or supported the events in any way - cheers from TweedLove and Bike Valley.

Extra big thanks to Chris Archer - the man who made these edits. He was camped out in the woods for two weeks shooting the events and has been locked in the edit room ever since. Total star.

Episode 1: The Magnificent Seven

Pull up a chair, crack open a beer, press play.

Let's start with some sunshine, dusty trails, good laughs and awesome athletes. It's The Glentress Seven.

Edisode 2: Too Fast Too Cross

A brand new event for this year's TweedLove, our first urban cycle-cross event was awesome fun. It was called LoveCross,and the riders battled it out on the street, facing water pistols, the quad-killing stairway to heaven, bale-jumps and a bunch of other obstacles designed to challenge (and possibly humiliate) in front of the town centre crowds. We HAVE to do this again. (Note: Sponsor needed for 2016!)

Episode 3: Easy Riders

The TweedLove Family Ride is a local institution. The council very kindly close the roads, and we all have fun on our bikes. You've got to love Bike Valley! Bring the kids, bring granny, bring your enduro bike, bring a tricycle. Just ride.

Episode 4: The World Is Not Enough

Oh yes it is. The Enduro World Series rolled into the valley at the end of May, bringing the world's best riders and some of raddest weather we can remember. The event was a massive success and is getting noticed around the world as one of the best in the calendar.
Thanks to all who battled the trails and the elements, and everyone whose input made it happen - the Bike Valley army delivered in style with the Cannondale Alpine Bikes World Enduro at TweedLove. Let's do it all again sometime soon!

Too much movie? Here's the still set

Local snapper extraordinaire Ian Linton has uploaded some cracking pictures from TweedLove.  You might see yourself in there somewhere, and you can buy shots at a very reasonable price. EWS images to follow. Check the other TweedLove events out here.

Huge thanks to our sponsors

We really couldn't have got by this festival without the invaluable help of our sponsors, particularly Alpine Bikes, who supported the entire gig as well as being going headline sponsors of the EWS alongside the mighty Cannondale.  To everyone who played their part, thank you so much - here's the logo roll of honour.