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Biweekly Cybersecurity Newsletter - Sept 28th, 2016

Why hackers hack: Is it all about the money?

Hackers can be found worldwide. On the HackerOne platform, contributors come from over 100 countries, with the majority in India -- 21 percent -- followed by the US at 19 percent. The majority of hackers report themselves to be under 34 years old. According to HackerOne's Report, hackers hack not just for money, but for many other reasons! What are those?


Cybersecurity Is Every Executive’s Job

All companies connected to the internet are vulnerable to cyber attacks. And the potential losses are significant. Liability for data breaches that affect customers leads directly to the C-suite. Executives need to personally know how strong their company’s cyber defenses are, as well as the expected responses for attacks or breaches. Apart from reviews and assessments, what is the best and most effective means for senior executives to guarantee change in an organization?

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Yahoo says 500 million accounts stolen

Yahoo confirmed the theft of personal information of half a billion of its users. Despite the enormous number of people affected by this breach, the biggest victim may be Yahoo itself. Reports of the breach came just as the beleaguered company is trying to negotiate a deal to sell itself to Verizon for $4.8 billion. Hundreds of millions of Yahoo usernames, birthdates, email addresses and hashed passwords have been stolen. The most serious problem for Yahoo users would be if the cryptographically hashed passwords exposed in the hack can be cracked and used!

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Five social engineering scams employees still fall for

The consequences of a security breach caused by human error are bigger than ever. You’ve trained them. You’ve deployed simulated phishing tests. You’ve reminded your employees countless times with posters and games and emails about avoiding phishing scams. Still, they keep falling for the same ploys they’ve been warned about for years. It’s enough to drive security teams to madness. Check out the top five social engineering scams that employees still fall for as most employess share seven deadly social engineering vices: Curiosity, courtesy, gullibility, greed, thoughtlessness, shyness and apathy.

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The Biggest Cybersecurity Threats Are Inside Your Company

When security breaches make headlines, they tend to be about nefarious actors in another country or the catastrophic failure of technology. These kinds of stories are exciting to read and easier for the hacked company to admit to. But the reality is that no matter the size or the scope of a breach, usually it’s caused by an action, or failure, of someone inside the company. The role that insiders play in the vulnerability of all sizes of corporations is massive and growing. In the 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index, IBM found that 60% of all attacks were carried out by insiders! What are the primary types of insider risks? And where and how to spot them?

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