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Biweekly Cybersecurity Newsletter - Aug 17th, 2016

Securing company data during offboarding

 As cyberattacks have become more frequent and severe, many businesses have redoubled their security efforts. But a disconnect between IT and management has effectively created cybersecurity “blind spots.” CIOs should coordinate closely with HR executives and managers to embed IT and must lead the charge to foster better cybersecurity awareness and address deficient processes in their organization. In particular they need to evaluate vulnerabilities in employee deboarding process with an eye toward protecting organizational data and resources. How can an organization achieve this? 


FDIC Steps Up Its Security Efforts

Earlier this year, the FDIC’s cybersecurity practices were called into question by House lawmakers due to its handling of notifications following a string of data breaches. An investigation uncovered “significant shortfalls” in the FDIC’s cybersecurity policies, which may have left it vulnerable to hackers gaining access to private information and regulatory data. The banking regulator announced on Aug. 9th that it plans to take on a slew of new steps that will help to enhance the security of the information it is responsible for holding.

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Roughly 9 Out Of 10 Businesses Are Open To Visual Hacking, Study Finds

Visual hacking—although different from a cyberattack or a data breach—in many cases can escalate a business’ chances of experiencing a digital security event. The experiment, called the 2016 Global Visual Hacking Experiment, involved 157 trials from 46 participating companies across the U.S. and seven other countries. According to the findings,

  • Sensitive information contained in documents on a worker’s desk, computer screen or around the office are often at risk of being stolen.
  • Visual hackers were able to simply observe, photograph or steal sensitive materials from a worker’s desk 91 percent of the time.
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10 Common Social Engineering Tactics Used by Attackers

Social engineering is the term that is used for exploiting the frailties of human behavior to gain access to an organization or system, or to invade the physical or virtual premises of an organization. Social engineers, though they undoubtedly have strong technical skills waiting in the background, focus on manipulating people’s behavior to achieve the desired end, rather than trying to breach a system by manipulating technology. They use a wide variety of methods to obtain passwords and entry credentials, or to gain access to sensitive or proprietary information. Here are ten of the most common methods used by social engineers.

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