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Good Day Fellow Storytellers!

I had a dream last night  (no joke) and for once I vaguely remembered it. In that dream, still existed, but its tagline was: scrapbook of interestingness for storytellers in the 21st century.

I don't know if it's a good tagline (it was a dream after all) but what I know is that for the first time in over 5 years, I haven't been able to write a single article on the site this week. I wrote on Medium, I even shot a film log episode but haven't been able to edit the damn thing!

So today the newsletter loses its format. No more distinction between what comes from the site, and what comes from other sites, as long as I found it interesting, it got a spot below. The art of storytelling, especially as a filmmaker, remains the main focus. I really enjoyed being a free agent focused on storytelling and creativity, I hope you'll enjoy it too:



  • I was looking for a video camera overlay, and it turns out, Premium Beat offered a free one, along with 4 more overlays to simulate different camera looks. (Warning: it's 500Mo, make sure you're doing it with the right connection)



  • Who did this and why? These are the two questions one of the world's most famous musician asks to stay curious and never take anything for granted. Applies to any creative disruptor.





  • I ran a storytelling experiment to cope with creative-grief (aka rejection from a gatekeeper): I was to tell the story live on Instagram, drawing 10 panels and spending less than 15 minutes on each panel. You can discover the result here. (5 minutes read)

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