ISDDE Newsletter May 2016 (with correction)


Several readers noted an error in the headline month for the 2016 ISDDE Conference in the previous version of this Newsletter

That error is now corrected...apologies for any inconvenience. Now would be a good time to send the notic on to colleagues check out the conference site and start making your own plans to attend!

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A key goal of ISDDE is to create better connections between educational designers wherever they are.

ISDDE 2016 Conference

Infrastructuring by Design. Utrecht, 19-22 September

This year's conference will be hosted by the Netherlands National Institute of Curriculum Development (SLO). The conference draws upon the intellectual, experiential, collaborative, and aesthetic opportunities for inspiration afforded by this location and the region. The theme, Infrastructuring by Design, refers to designer efforts to develop and implement the human and material resources required for supporting education in and across various system levels.

In the 2016 conference, we will pay attention to all of ISDDE's goals, especially that of "increasing our impact on educational practice." As designers, we are readily satisfied if our books, lessons, modules, curricula, etc. work in raising teacher or student enthusiasm and understanding. We are even happier, though, when we see that others choose to work with our products, and help them reach larger groups of users. This makes us ask, How can we structure our design activities in such a way that their outreach increases, and that they have more impact?

In his ISDDE 2015 keynote, Bill Penuel told us how ongoing design contributes to infrastructuring by cultivation of long-term partnerships, and by matching of people and resources to stakeholders and their agendas. Click here to learn more about his claim that design-based implementation research (DBIR) creates conditions for social innovation within and across levels of a system and to build "working infrastructures" within which educational designs can be equitably implemented. We build on this notion throughout the conference, through activities that support designers in leveraging existing or building new infrastructure within their educational (sub-)systems.

2016 ISDDE Prize

Excellence in Educational Design

The 2016 Prize of US$5,000 celebrates an individual product or project that shows excellence in design for education in science or mathematics. In awarding The Prize the judges will seek excellence in the art and science of design in education. The overriding criterion will be recognition of excellence by a wide range of designers and users.

Key dates are:

  • June 15 – final day for Initial Nominations
  • July 1 – Final submissions due
  • September 21 – winner announced at the ISDDE Conference Dinner in the Netherlands

You can download the call for nominations for all the information.



The ISDDE Committee meets face to face in conjunction with the annual conference. Between these meetings the committee does its work through several sub-committees. Members are listed below, with email links to the Chairs and those coordinating the sub-committees included if you have any matters you would like to raise.

Chairs: Susan McKenney (current), Lynne McClure (incoming).

Secretary: Daniel Pead.

Journal: Kaye Stacey (Editor-in-chief), Sheila Evans (Assistant editor), Daniel Pead (Design editor), Dor Abrahamson, Max Stephens, Frans van Galen (Associate editors).

Conference: Maarten Pieters, Rena Dorf, Geoff Wake.

Prize: Betty Phillips, Jacquey Barber, Peter Boon.

Communications: Will Morony, Angela Hall, Alan Schoenfeld, David Kumar.

Membership: Chris Schunn, Lynne McClure, Phil Daro, Leslie Dietiker.

Educational Designer


The new editorial team for the ISDDE journal, Educational Designer, is now well into planning for the next issue of the journal and we have revised the guidelines for contributors on the journal website. The journal continues to seek quality submissions from all members of our community, so please think about what you may contribute now or in the future. We are also interested to hear from fellows of ISDDE who would like to act as independent reviewers of submissions on an occasional basis. Please send a note with a clear description of your area of expertise to Sheila Evans, the assistant editor.   A long term project is to redesign the journal website, so if you have suggestions about changes that would make the site better for you, again please email Sheila. 

Kaye Stacey Editor-in-Chief.

Call for proposals to host 2017 ISDDE Conference

ISDDE is seeking a host for the 2017 conference. Please send ideas, recommendations, nominations or expressions of interest to Communications Chair, Will Morony.


ISSDE was formed to help those dedicated to raising the quality of design of educational processes and materials to work effectively as a coherent professional design and development community. The society's Background Paper provides information about the mission and activities of ISDDE.

Educational designers around the world are invited to consider becoming a member of ISDDE.

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