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Seasons greetings from the team at Doctor Who: Legacy!

We are on Day 10 of the Advent Calendar today and couldn't be more excited -- so much great content is still to come!

First though, a highlight of the first 10 days!

Keep up with the Advent Calendar on our website where you will see each day's rewards!

Please note:  When costumes are the reward, you will ONLY be able to receive it as a drop if you already have the character the costume is for!

Denial of Service Outage

Our apologies - our service provider (1and1.com) was hit with a Denial of Service Attack on 12/9th which has caused the downtime some are experiencing on facebook, as well as the inability to patch/obtain daily login bonuses/claim promo codes that others are experiencing.

We have changed providers and many have resumed normal service but the fix takes time to propagate and this is entirely beyond our control. We assure you we are just as disappointed in the situation as you are and hope that by the end of the day today, everything will be back to normal.

Meanwhile, mobile players can play the game though for optimal performance we recommend toggling your wifi off if you are experiencing too much lag within the menus (which will, at times, be attempting to contact our servers).


Doctor Who Countdown to Christmas!

This year, the official Doctor Who Facebook page is also doing an amazing advent calendar promotion.  And today, they are offering a special Doctor Who: Legacy reward for you!  Astrid Perth, otherwise known as the lovely Kylie Minogue!

To get the promo code, head to their Advent Calendar page and open the door for "15 days til Christmas"!


Tomorrow is our weekly Twitch!  We hope you'll join Adi, Susan, and Lee to talk about the Advent Calendar, Chapter 4, and more!  12 pm pacific / 8 pm UK time


Doctor Who Gets Pixelated for Christmas!

Doctor Who Gets Pixelated For Christmas

"This week players of the ridiculously reasonable free-to-play mobile puzzler Doctor Who Legacy will get a Christmastime preview of the pixelated stylings of Nathan Skreslet, whose PixelWho art will play a big part in an upcoming in-game adventure. And Who better to usher in this charming 8-bit look than the charming Eight Doctor?

Despite never having appeared in the Doctor Who television series — just the 1996 TV movie, some audio plays and a recent live-action short — or perhaps because of this, the Eight Doctor holds a special place in the hearts of fans. And so it's heartening to see Paul McGann be the first to undergo an 8-bit metamorphosis in today's special Advent Calendar promotion level, appropriately titled "The Eighth Doctor is Awesome."

The first pixelated level for Doctor Who Legacy released yesterday, giving players a chance to unlock pixel costumes for Tenth Doctor companion Martha Jones and the Cthulhu-groupie Ood. Today's episode concludes with a pair of 8-bit outfits for Doctor Eight. "

Read the rest over at Kotaku and be sure to grab the code that unlocks 3 more 8-bit costumes for Martha!

As many of you already know, Bigger on the Inside is an upcoming 8-bit optional story arc in Doctor Who: Legacy which we're very excited about. This is your first sneak peak as to what we have in store.  

Rewards in the game currently include 4 costumes for Martha, 1 costume for (any of the) Ood, 2 Eighth Doctor costumes and an Astrid Perth costume.  (Yes, you'll want to go back and replay day 7 for a special hidden surprise!)

Titan Comics levels!

Day 10, 11 and 12 bring new levels with art courtesy of Titan Comics!  Expect to find your first in-game chance to obtain Gabby and Alice, as well as costumes for them and for Clara Oswald!

iMore interviews Tiny Rebel

Doctor Who Legacy Interview: Future plans revealed!

Just over a year ago, developer Tiny Rebel Games released Doctor Who Legacy, their free-to-play puzzle game based on the long running BBC sci-fi series. The game has become a popular one for iPhone and iPad users and Tiny Rebel have continued to add content to the game, including some stuff from the new Titan Comics series. However, the team isn't stopping and has tons of plans to update Doctor Who Legacy with even more content in the weeks and months ahead.

We got a chance to ask Tiny Rebel Games co-founders Lee and Susan Cummings about their future plans for Doctor Who Legacy.

Read more!

Tiny Rebel Games