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Tom's Table Tennis Tips


Here's my latest table tennis videos and articles. Tips this month on how to do killer serves, how to generate more forehand power, how to return sidespin serves, how to move quicker, how to stay injury free and how to improve your weaknesses. 

Lots and lots of great tips!


New videos...
4 killer serves to destroy your opponents

In this video, top coach and service expert, Craig Bryant, explains how to do four of his best serves: “The kicker”, “Fast down the line”, “Super wide sidespin” and “The ghost serve”. For each serve, Craig explains how to do the action and gives tips on how to use the serves to put your opponents under maximum pressure.

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How to return different types of sidespin serve

In this video I show you how to return different types of sidespin serve. Not all sidespin serves are the same. You can get get sidespin with backspin or sidespin with topspin. Sidespin serves can be short or they can be long. They could be served to your forehand or to your backhand. In the video I show you how do you deal with these different variations – how to read the spin and which strokes to play.

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How to get explosive forehand power

In this video, pro player Paul Drinkhall explains how to get more power on your forehand attacks. Paul explains the importance of timing, how to use all of your body to generate power and how he developed his powerful forehand. You’ll also see lots of footage of me getting battered by Paul!

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How to move quicker when playing table tennis

In this video I share a simple tip to help you move quicker when playing table tennis. To move quicker, you need to get into a better table tennis stance. This means leaning forwards and keeping low. Then the weight will be on the front of your feet and it becomes much easier to make quick movements. If you can move quicker, you can get to balls quicker and play better quality shots.

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New articles...
Step-by-step process to improve a weakness

Weaknesses. We all have them in our table tennis game. Even the no.1 player in the world – has a weakness of some sort. So how do you go about fixing a weakness? What steps do you need to take? In this blog post I explain a process you can go through to turn your weakness into a strength.

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How to prevent injuries when playing table tennis

Almost every table tennis player I know has experienced injury at some point. Common complaints are back injuries, twisted knees and ankles, and repetitive strain injuries in the wrist, elbow, shoulder or hip. However, we can take positive steps to reduce the chances of getting injured. In this blog post, I explain a few different ways you can minimise the risk of injury when playing table tennis.

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Create confusion by using disruptive shots

One way to add an extra dimension to your game is to develop shots which disrupt the pace of the game. These are shots which unexpectedly change the speed, spin, length or direction of the ball. Examples include a chop block, fade, wiggly, push with sidespin, a smash with backspin – all sorts of weird and wonderful shots. In this blog post I explain why these types of shots are useful and when you should use them.

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About Tom Lodziak

I’m a table tennis coach based in Cambridge in the UK. I offer 1-to-1 coaching to players of all standards. You can watch my table tennis video lessons on my popular YouTube channel. Or read my table tennis tips on technique, service, returning serves, tactics, psychology, equipment and more.

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