WM Operations
5th of March, 2015

From today, two new CTAFs take effect:

Tully (YTUY) and Cardwell/Dallachy (YCDW).

Both aerodromes appear in the 5 March edition of ERSA but will not be properly shown on any charts until 28 May.

ERSA information about both aerodromes is scant. Amendments should be emailed to docs.amend@AirservicesAustralia.com.

Both aerodromes require prior permission to use. Today I applied using the email address enquiries@ccrc.qld.gov.au and received permission within 2 hours.

Left circuits are required on all runways. Beware of terrain east of Tully.


This means tomorrow there will be four CTAFs in the Cassowary Coast area: Innisfail, Dunk Island, and now Tully and Cardwell/Dallachy.

Attached is a map extract showing (roughly) the 10 nautical mile radii around all four CTAFs - this is a zone defined in the AIP Book as "in the vicinity".

The frequency to be used within 10 nm of all four Cassowary Coast CTAFs is 126.70 MHz.

Outside those four 'in the vicinity' zones, the Area VHF Frequency should be used - it's usually 124.60 MHz, unless there is a NOTAM (which there currently is) specifying 120.15 MHz to be used instead.

Confusing? Only for a short time ... we will soon have one new frequency for the entire Miriwinni to Cardwell coastal area in Class G airspace.

But as of tomorrow, the Class G frequencies along the Cassowary Coast are: 126.70 MHz within 10 nm of Innisfail, Dunk Island, Tully and Cardwell/Dallachy aerodromes; 120.15 MHz elsewhere (as per the NOTAM).


Below is a image for all four aerodromes, for your information.

All ERSA pages can be accessed free online from http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/aip.asp.

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