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25th of November, 2015
Operations Manual & More

As of Monday 16th November, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority has approved another Operations Manual update.

The updated Operations Manual is now available for all, via the

Amendments include;

1/. "On-Site Supervision" definition and applications.

2/. Recognition of alternate Medical Certificates from CASA or
other recognised aviation organisations.

3/. Biennial Airworthiness Inspections for WM craft.
Required upon renewal of aircraft registration.

4/. All "free flight" skills and requirements (including airtime),
are to be achieve for all certificate levels.
Particularly the Intermediate certificate....

Hours gained whilst motoring DO NOT count towards a
"free flight" certificate.

The Intermediate PG/HG requirement being 25hrs (free flight) in
not less than 25 days. All flights signed off in the
Supervised Pilot Flight Log.
This deficiency and possible exposure, was
identified by our insurer.

5/. Numerous other minor mechanical amendments.

Further to this, there is now an "Document Amendment Submission" form available on the Forms & Docs page of the website.
(Thank you Adrian Palfrey... ;-) )


We are currently updating the Accident/Incident reporting system
and the on-line pilot flight log. You can now upload IGC files to your flight log and view them in a Google terrain map. We will be adding new features to this facility over time an maybe running some form of competition to incentivise the use of it.


We are also developing an on-line exam process, with the first exams
to go on line being the VHF Radio Operators exam and the
Straight Through Powered Paragliding exam.

When the Straight Through PPG exam is available, it is expect that
Straight Through courses can be commenced by those CFI's who
have achieved the qualification and been authorised to do so.

Further information about what will be required for such authorisation
will be made available shortly.


We are currently in the process of migrating all documents & exams to the Member Area of the database.

All docs/exams will have an access matrix applied to them.
Meaning, that if you are a PG SSO, when you log-in you will only see exams/forms/docs that are relevant to a PG SSO.
Or, if you log in as an WM Instructor, you will only see exams/forms/docs relevant to a WM instructor.

This should make it easier for you to access the forms you need rather than searching through the whole list of HGFA docs

Lots of changes in appearance changes to the website & database.
There is now an HGFA You Tube channel. If you have any suggestions for appropriate material, please email the information to us.


Instructors & SSO's: (HG, PG, WM, PPG)

1/. I have now had 2 more cases of instructors administrating flight checks for persons who DID NOT have current HGFA membership or HAD NOT ever held the qualification that was being checked.

This is stupidity at it highest as the lack of insurance coverage leaves
you, the instructor (or SSO), open to direct litigation, in the event of an accident causing injury. HGFA insurances WILL NOT cover you...

If you value your house, car, income and any other assets,
confirm memberships and qualifications first...
Don't just take their word on it....!!!


2/. All FTF's must make sure that the courses they offer are
compliant with the Operations Manual.

Offering courses that DO NOT comply is a breach of your FTF approval.
It is also a breach of the Instructors Code of Conduct,
and a breach of the Fair Trading Act.

I have seen 2 such courses being offered on HGFA FTF websites and
have requested that they be removed or updated immediately.

Non-compliance = Suspension of privilege.

3/. All student workbooks and study guides are available on line
at the Forms & Docs page of the website.

Please download and print them or request that your students do so
before attending their course.

Questions and or feedback regarding HGFA Operations or Management are welcome!  Please feel free to email the HGFA Committee (
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