Instructors, Safety Officers & FTF's
4th of March, 2016
Hi All,
1 - Skydiver to PG Conversion Training
Any FTF offering these courses, please make VERY CLEAR on your websites that these courses are a
4 DAY MINIMUM conversion, as originally agreed to and specified by Craig Worth.
I have had numerous complaints from a number of sectors, both HGFA & PFA, regarding these courses being misinterpreted as "4 days only".
An assessment of the requirements for these conversions is currently being documented and will be run past the SOC for comment.
Until then any Skydiver wishing to convert to PG, can only be given credit for canopy handling skills and must show that they have a minimum of 200 jumps logged, before gaining any airtime credit. You must inspect their log book and copy the most recent page, submitting it with their Supervised Pilot Application.
The applicant must also complete the Supervised PG theory (workbook & examination) and can only be signed off to a Supervised certificate level.
You are also to ensue they fully understand their responsibilities as a Supervised pilot and that they MUST contact their local HGFA club for local protocol information.
We do not want to see flying sites being lost due to cowboy operators...
2 - Examination Papers
A copy of a students/pilots examination paper (answer sheet) for a certificate or endorsement, must be submitted with their application for that certificate or endorsement.
NOTE: From Monday the 7th of March the office will not process certificate or endorsement applications that do not include the pilots examination papers.
3 - Next Instructors Conference
We are now starting to plan the next Instructors Conference.
At this stage we are taking submissions for the agenda and discussion topics.
If you have anything you would like discussed or dealt with, please send me an email with your suggestion. Thank you.


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