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18th of September, 2015
New Student/Trainee Membership
Hi All
Just reminding you that GREEN FORMS are now replaced by an on-line process.
Students now go to the HGFA website, click on the "JOIN" button and then go through the on-line application process, selecting "New Student/Trainee Membership" when the membership type drop-down box appears.
Download a Student On-line Sign-up Guide from the Forms & Docs page of the website.
When a student books in to do a course with your school, you can simply email them
these instructions on how and where to obtain the required membership.
Instructors must verify a students membership BEFORE commencing training either:
A/. via the new HGFA app. (available at Google Play Store)
B/. by logging in to the members area of the HGFA website and checking or
C/. by viewing the confirmation email sent to the student upon completion of their membership application.
If a student has not obtained membership, he or she must do so BEFORE you can commence any training.
Your SLI insurance will be negated if you train a person without membership... If you value your house, car, income and any other assets, I suggest you confirm membership and don't just take their word on it.....

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