Small and mighty - our engagements in US and Kenya


Thank you for your support and interest in limeSHIFT. Our monthly newsletters cover our projects, opportunities for artists and interesting articles and exhibits. This month, we are highlighting our project, Colour in Faith.

"Color in Faith" moves mountains (and people)

For the past year, Yazmany and Nabila have been working to bring to life Colour In Faith in Nairobi, Kenya. This intervention unites communities across Nairobi by focusing on their houses of worship and painting those structures yellow as a physical manifestation of 'love,' the most important value in any religion or community. 

Read the Colour In Faith Interim Report

#YellowKE - EAI x Colour in Faith

In partnership with Fatuma’s Voice and the East African Institute, we are hosting a series of tweet chats on the theme of Colour in Faith. This is part of a movement toward pluralism and aspirational citizen engagement through art. 

To join the conversation search and use the hashtag #YellowKE.


Panel Discussion at the Yard

Colour in Faith painted The Bus at the Yard yellow. The Bus is an important location in the heart of Nairobi for the creative community and hosts music, art, farmer’s markets and other events. We invited fifteen artists to post words about their identity on an interactive wall. We held a panel at The Yard on June 5th 2016 on ‘Can Art Shift Culture?’


Send limeSHIFT West!

Liz was accepted as a participant on a week-long train trip as part of the Millennial Trains Project, a nonprofit that brings together young innovators to explore America's new frontiers, grow as leaders, and advance projects that benefit, serve, and inspire others. Help send Liz on this journey by donating below! 


Yazmany @ AFTA

Yazmany represented limeSHIFT at The Annual Americans For The Arts Conference in Boston, a conferenced which explored the role of the arts in creating and sustaining healthy, vibrant, equitable communities. 


Aithan On Creative Entrepreneurship

In May, Aithan designed and delivered a 2-day intensive in Cyprus with Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship convening senior diplomats, executives, university leaders, cultural leaders and entrepreneurs jointly on creative structure and culture shifting needed to develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem for the country.

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Thank you for spreading the word on limeSHIFT. We seek to transform spaces into powerful symbols articulating vision and activating communities to be their most creative, productive and connected. Lincoln Park Patchwork Mural

More coming.... We're in Chicago for July!

limeSHIFT is excited to annouce our next project with socially-minded real estate developer Broder and artists Ellen Rutt and Patrick Ethen. Together, we will be creating a mural inspired by and created for the people of Lincoln Park.