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5th of June, 2015
Hi All
1/. ALL FORMS required for lodgement by instructors are regularly being updated and are available on the "Forms" page of the HGFA webite.
You MUST use the current forms as these are the ones compliant to the new HGFA Operations Manual. The office will be returning any applications submitted on old forms..... I suggest you delete all the old forms from your hard drive and download each form as you need it.
We are working towards on-line forms to possibly replace some of the paper forms however, this is still some time away.

2/. AFI & FI APPLICATION FORMS: The FI and AFI application form has now been split into two forms. INS-02 & INS-14. One for each due, to OP's Manual requirements

3/. INSTRUCTOR RENEWAL FORM INS-06: A CFI cannot self-sign the "Check Flight Declaration". It must be signed by another CFI who has verified your skills. Weightshift Microlight Instructors have complied with this requirement for many years, without issue.

4/. GREEN FORMS: are now being phased out as student memberships are now available on-line. Instructors must verify a students membership BEFORE commencing training either:
A/. via the new HGFA app. (available at Google Play Store)
B/. by logging in to the members area of the HGFA website and checking or
C/. by viewing the confirmation email sent to the student upon completion of their membership application
If a student has not obtained membership, he or she must do so BEFORE you can commence any training. Students can go to the HGFA website, click on the "JOIN" button and then go through the on-line application process, selecting "Student Membership" when the membership type drop-down box appears. Once payament is accepted, a membership number and confirmation email is issued to the email address supplied by the applicant.
When a student books in to do a course with your school, you can simply give them instructions on where to obtain the required membership.
Your SLI insurance will be negated if you train a person without membership... If you value your house, car, income and any other assets, I suggest you confirm membership and don't just take their word on it.....
You may return any green forms and have a refund for them issued.
Student memberships on a Green form will only be accepted until the 31st August 2015.

5/. CHECK FLIGHTS: There have been a number of instructors carrying out check flights without first confirming that the person/pilot is a current HGFA member. This is not acceptable and stupidity at it highest as the lack of insurance leaves the instructor (yes you) open to direct litigation in the event of an accident causing injury. I say again, your SLI insurance will not cover you... If you value your house, car, income and any other assets, I suggest you confirm memberships and don't just take their word on it....

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