12th of August, 2016

Hi All,

Exams & Docs.
As you should be aware by now, most HGFA forms and documents are now in the "Members Area".
Simply login and click on the "Documents" link in the menu.
As instructors, when you login you will get access to Exams and their associated components.
As ALL documents are constantly being update, please download documents when or as you need them.
Out of date or superseded forms will not be accepted by the office.
Further to this, the exams for a PG Motor endorsement or for a (Straight Through) PPG Certificate
are the same.

There are 2 parts.
Part 1 is the PPG Air Legislation (Air-Leg) Exam and
Part 2 Is the PPG Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK) exam.
Note: Only Authorised CFI's can issue (Straight Throught) PPG Certificates and
an instructor or SSO wishing to issue the PG Motor Endorsement, must have held the
Motor endorsement for a minimum 2 years before being authorised to do so.
Thank you.

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