HBM chooses FUZE, the Trust Payment Gateway, to revolutionize its payment operations! Can't see images? Click here...

With the implementation of the new payment processing system, HBM Group leads the region as the first Trust company to adopt FUZE. HBM Group joins major global Trust firms who have already signed up for FUZE, a solution specifically developed for Trust companies by IBIS Management Associates Inc.

As the industry faces known challenges along with stringent regulations, companies such as HBM understand the need to continuously evolve and improve operations, adopting new trends and technologies to increase profitability and provide better customer service. Along with automating the payment process, FUZE also enables HBM to directly exchange financial messages via the SWIFT network. It is expected that many more Trust companies in Curacao and within the region will very soon follow suit in adopting FUZE.

"We are happy and proud to welcome HBM as one of our new clients that have embraced Operational Excellence for payment processing. We of IBIS Management have started a new trend in secure, reliable and fast payments processing for the Global Trust Industry, and HBM has chosen to lead and be on the forefront of this great development for the industry.

The FUZE Payment Gateway will automate, standardise and optimise the global payment processing workflow on technology commonly and broadly used by international Banks. With FUZE, Trust Companies enter a new era in global payments." said Clark Russel, CEO of IBIS Management Associates Inc.


About IBIS Management Associates Inc.

Headquartered in Curacao, Dutch Caribbean, IBIS Management Associates Inc. (IBIS) was founded in 2000 to offer advice and solutions to Global Financial Institutions leading to reduced compliance risk and increase efficiencies and profitability. IBIS’ customers range from Central banks to leading commercial and retail banks as well as Offshore companies in the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe.

Other IBIS solutions include:

  • Alchemy (Payment Processing System for Banks)
  • Swissroute (SWIFT connectivity and gateway)
  • Greenlight (Automated regulatory reporting solution)
  • Corona (Web-based Automated Reconciliation)
  • Entrust (Trusted Identities / Secure transactions) 

HBM Group, established in 1991, is the leading independent international financial service provider headquartered in Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean.
As a professional, client-oriented, family owned group of service companies, HBM Group is focused on delivering comprehensive international company solutions. We assist in the formation and management of companies, foundations and other legal entities for international businesses and individuals, ensuring compliance with local and international rules and legislation.
HBM Group is dedicated to providing a complete range of services and solutions to meet and exceed the demands of our clients in an ever-changing global market.


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