Instructors & FTF's
5th of June, 2015
Update to New Student Process.
Hi All
We have now made the new student membership verification process easier
and safer for you...
If you log in to the HGFA member section (as an Instructor) you now get a new section. This section now has an option for you to add a new student. You just start typing either a membership number or surname into the box and it will show you a list of current new financial members, you select the members you want. On the next screen you select the type of Student Certificate you are training them for ie HG/PG/WM and the start date for the training.
This confirms for you the membership of the student and allocates them to your school.
If their name does not appear, you know they do not have membership.
Obviously, this must be done prior to the commencement of training.
Back-dating cannot be done...
If done correctly, clear evidence of your compliance is created and therefore your
SLI insurance coverage is not negated...

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