It Looks Different, But It's Still Me!

Changed newsletter vendors recently, but it's still me! Take look....

Hey there! Yeah, I recently changed newsletter vendors, but it's still me. I'm still Tami, still the same. Pretty much everything will be the same, except now it's coming from MailerLite instead of MailChimp.  

Just a reminder: I won't spam you (I'm too busy writing the next book), but I will, once a month, send you an email letting you know what's going on in my world. That email almost always includes something worth your while: new releases, sales, contests, freebies, party invites, and other stuff of interest to those of us who luuuuuuuv books. 

Speaking of, how about I remind you of my appreciate with a free book? Nah, let's do two. One contemporary, one paranormal. just in case you haven't had a chance to read one of them. I'm an equal opportunity author. You pick - or download both. Give 'em a read. If you like 'em, let me know via a review or a comment on my website. 

PS - Thanks for subscribing!

Contemporary romance your thing? Yeah, I've got one for you. And yes, it's free. This one's available only on my website. It's about an estranged married couple... And how they find their way back together. Yes, in a steamy way. Click the pic to get the book, read it, and let me know what you think! 

Paranormal more your thing? I've got that, too. Check out First Light, the prequel to my Lightbearer series. It's about magical people called Lightbearers and the shifters who hate to love them. There are 4 other books in the series, and I'm working on #5 now (well, not literally right this minute, but... you know what I mean!). Click the pic to grab the book free from Amazon (or any retail site, actually), and get immersed. Oh, and if you like it, let me know by leaving a review, too, 'kay?

If you still haven't gotten enough of me, you should join my Facebook group, Come Wine With Tami. It's all about readers and authors, hanging out, getting to know one another, becoming friends. Oh, and wine. There are lots of wine memes and virtual wine drinking. Well, some of us, not so virtually.... Oh, and once a month, there's a Q&A session, featuring a different author each time. It's a chance to get to know your next fave author... Pour and glass and come join us!

And if you are now so enthralled that you want to meet me in person, well, let's do that! Nashville. May. It's happening. Come on, you know you want to! Click the pic for more info!