26th of May, 2015
HGFA Member Cards

Hi All,
HGFA is now taking a small step into the age of technology...

Every HGFA member has now been allocated a QR Code, within the HGFA database. Over the next few months we will be replacing your HGFA membership cards with a new perpetual card.

The new cards will essentially look the same. The front of the card will have basic information such as your name, address, dob, member number and a list of all your perpetual certificates, whilst the back of the card will have your QR Code.

QrCode Cards

To go along with this, there is a new HGFA App that members can download from Google Play Store for android phones or tablets. A link to it, is now on the front page of the HGFA website.

The HGFA App is also available from the Chrome Store.

With the HGFA App you can scan a QR Code and see a list of all the Certificates, Endorsements & Ratings held by that pilot, along with their membership currency.

If you do not have mobile reception (as long as you have run the app before leaving an area with reception) you can also simply type in a members number, hit search and the same details indicated above, will appear on screen.

For those with an iPhone or iPad, you can download any of the QR Code scanners from the App Store and after scanning a QR Code, select the webview option to see the results. We have been looking at an "i" version for the App Store however, onging developer & App Store costs unfortunately preclude it at this stage.

Membership cards will now only be replaced when a new certificate is achieved or when a card is lost or damaged.

The primary benefit being both financial and in office time/labour.

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