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6th of October, 2015


Hi All,
There has been an increasing number of accidents where the pilot in command (PIC) is found to be the holder of a "Supervised" certificate, and has also been found to be flying without the required direct supervision of an Instructor, Senior Safety Officer, Safety Officer or appropriately rated Duty Pilot, as is required in our Operation Manual.

A number of these accidents have caused serious injury
and in 2 cases, the death of the pilot.

In all cases, if the pilots had been flying with the appropriate supervision, they would probably still be amongst us, enjoying the privileges of flight and life...

Due to this noncompliance, upon attaining a Supervised Certificate, the pilot will now be supplied with a Supervised Pilot Flight Log book.

All Supervised Pilots will be required to make a flight log entry
for each and every flight made.

The name and signature of the supervising Instructor, Senior Safety Officer (SSO), Safety Officer (SO) or appropriately rated Duty Pilot, must be gained for each flight, to maintain compliance to the regulations for a "Supervised" certificate holder.

Failure to gain the supervisors name & signature, will result in the flight not counting towards future qualifications and possible disciplinary action for breaches of the Operations Manual.

There are a few important points to be made:

1/. Upon issuing a Supervised Certificate, the Instructor (FTF) must direct the newly signed-off Supervised Pilot to an appropriate Club and/or SSO, in the region where the pilot lives and intends to fly.
This will not only help the new pilot but will also assist local clubs
in the administration of their sites.

2/. Clubs must make sure that all contact names, numbers and information on the HGFA website is up to date and regularly checked.
Club administrators can do this by logging in to the Members Area of the HGFA website and then selecting "Club Details" in the left hand column. From there updates can be made.

3/. An Instructor or SSO issuing an Intermediate Certificate must sight and check the Supervised Pilot Flight Log, confirming the acquisition of supervisor names & signatures, for all flights and
any other compliance obligations

4/. Supervised Pilots must produce their Supervised Pilot Flight Log upon request by any Instructor, SSO, SO or CASA Authorised Officer.

5/. Any pilots already holding a "Supervised" (or Restricted) certificate, have until the 30th of November 2015 to attain the Intermediate rating. After that date, any pilot still holding a Supervised (or Restricted) certificate will be supplied with a Supervised Pilot Flight Log book and must comply with all the requirements for its use.


Fly safe and remember;
It's better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air, than in the air wishing you were on the ground...


Questions and or feedback regarding HGFA Operations or Management are welcome!  Please feel free to email the HGFA Committee (committee@hgfa.asn.au).
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