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"İstanbul: Regional Hub, Global Actor” Forum was Held in London
The third of the forum series entitled "İstanbul: Regional Hub, Global Actor", organized by Borsa İstanbul and TIM in cooperation with the İstanbul Financial Center Initiative, as part of the vision to make İstanbul a regional and international financial center was held with the theme "Turkey: Discover the Potential" in London on January 20, 2015.
Bertrand: Turkey Attracts International Investors
"From the investment point of view, looking at our international clients database, there is indeed a lot of interest in investing in Turkey", Head of Equity and Derivatives Markets at London Stock Exchange said.
Foreign Investment to Turkey Increased
"Turkey will continue to attract extensive foreign investment", the President of the Turkish Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency said.
Turkey to Boost B20's Visibility During G20 Term
Turkey aims to transform B20, the business branch of the G20, into a much more influential economic platform during the country's presidency of the multi-national body.
World Bank Revised Growth Forecast for Turkey
"Turkey is expected to significantly boost its growth and reduce its current account deficit and inflation in coming days thanks to a slump in oil prices", an economist of the World Bank said.
World Leaders Answer “Why invest in Turkey? Why invest in Borsa İstanbul?”
As part of the World Economic Forum's 45th annual meetings held in Davos, Switzerland, Borsa İstanbul organized a meeting entitled "Why invest in Turkey? Why invest in Borsa İstanbul?" in cooperation with İstanbul Financial Center Initiative.
TÜSİAD Chooses New Chair
Cansen Başaran-Symes is elected as the new chair of Turkey's top business association, TÜSİAD, after her predecessor decided to not run for presidency.

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