Council win, Funding, t-shirts, videos and holiday class dates!

Southend Parkour Newsletter: 7/12/2015

A Council WIN for Southend Parkour and more!

Happy Holidays!

Hi all, first of all, to update you from the previous email and the nomations for the 2015 Southend Sport Awards.... Southend Parkour won the Innovation Award as nominated for by the general public and voted for independently by councillors at Southend Borough Council. This firstly goes to show that nominations do make an impact so please do consider voting for us again next year and secondly, the positive impact that Parkour is making in the local area with adults and children alike.

Once again, thank you for the ongoing support, encouragement and promotion enabling Southend Parkour to continue, develop and give back to support the health and well-being of local budding Traceurs/Tracueses!


Southend Parkour is due to receive funding for new delivery options in the new year for 3 projects, the first; a girls-only session for a local girls school, aiming to increase female participation with a view for this session to continue post-funding for the local community. The next will be a session for young people with a variety of learning difficulties and the final additional session, for targeted areas in Southend to reduce anti-social behaviour. Details of these local opportunities and others to launch will be shared via the website and Social media so be sure to follow us (links at the bottom of this newsletter).

Southend Parkour T-Shirts!

An email went out on Tuesday (This week) to newer students about a t-shirt order I'd like to get ordered this side of Christmas. Please check spam folders and ensure and are added to your email "safe list"/Not spam. These shirts are only available to students. If you haven't got this email/link, please email me or message via the Southend Parkour Facebook Page. Please complete before midday 8/12/15, orders after this time may take longer to get to you.

 A few video clips to share this week!

First is our entry into a local community video competition about our adult outdoor classes and the latter is movement of the week 7 with Zak while out training recently. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE VIA YOUTUBE.


If you could head over to the blog you can see the dates which will draw 2015's classes to a close, restarting early January 2016. Please also note there will be no Thursday class next week (10th December '15) at Temple Sutton, (last minute hall cancellation). 

Link here:

Happy Holidays! Please keep up to date via the facebook page and website for details about an upcoming competition and updates over the holiday period! - Have a great time, keep moving. Brad @ Southend Parkour.