Christmas Gift Idea!
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Dear Friends,

We want to take this news letter to give you a head start for your Christmas shopping. Offering you some sensational and fabulous Christmas Gift ideas, that you haven't thought of. Surprise your loved ones with a unique gift from Pleasure Island.

Thank you all for visiting us at the Women's Expo on the 29th Oct. We are sure Bernice is going to be very happy with the gift basket she won.


Pleasure Island is donating THREE We-Vibe for our raffle for Clothes for Kids!

All you need to do is buy one raffle for $5 or 5 for $20 and you are in the draw for a We-Vibe 4 App only - valued at $169.99 EACH!

All proceeds will go to the CLOTHES FOR KIDS campaign!


One of three We-Vibe 4 APP only!
Buy a raffle ticket for $5 to have a chance to win one of three We-Vibe's!

Or buy 5 tickets for $20 to increase you chance!

All proceeds will go to the CLOTHES FOR KIDS campaign!

Winners will be notified 2.Dec. 2016

Coquette Stockings

Coquette stockings black in sizes O/S and OS/XL

Reg.Price $8.99                      NOW ONLY $4.99

While supplies last - 01944 and 02252


Sliquid Silver Silicone Lubricant

Perfect for pleasure seekers with sensitive skin, Silver contains top grade silicone. Safe for most toy materials and condoms, though Silver should NOT be used with silicone toys or gear.
Glycerine, glycol and paraben free, DEA, PEG, sorbitol and sulphate free, Hypoallergenic and colorless, Vegan friendly, Gluten free and Ultra concentrated

8oz bottle Reg. Price $47.99    NOW ONLY $34.99


                       FREE DVD

               with every purchase of $50 before taxes. Valued at $6.99

Condom tips

We are starting with a series of tips of what to look for when buying condoms.

What are the types of condoms?

Condoms are available for both men and women, and come in many sizes, shapes, colors and textures. Each type has advantages and disadvantages.

Condoms are medical devices and as such, their testing, packaging and labeling are regulated by Health Canada.

1. Male Condoms

A male condom covers the penis to create a protective barrier and prevent the exchange of bodily fluids between sex partners. When used properly, male condoms have a breakage rate of about 1%. Leaks are even rarer. However, condoms can break if you are not using the right size. Packages are labelled by width size. A condom that is too large can slip off. But if it is too tight, it is more likely to break. Condom material is also important when making the right selection to suit your needs.

Fun Fact

While many know that chocolate can be an excellent arousal for having sex, apparently the smell of pumpkin can help increase the blood flow to the penis to encourage an erection.

Joke of the Month

A guy and his date are parked out in the country away from town, when they start kissing and fondling each other. Just then, the girl stops and sits up. “What’s the matter?” asks the guy. She replies, “I really should have mentioned this earlier, but I’m actually a prostitute, and I charge $100 for sex.” The man thinks about it for a few seconds, but then reluctantly gets out a $100 bill, pays her, and they have sex. After a cigarette, he just sits in the driver’s seat looking out the window. “Why aren’t we going anywhere?” asks the girl. “Well, I should have mentioned this before,” replies the man, “but I’m actually a taxi driver, and the fare back to town is $50.

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